Doodle by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern up for grabs for $20 on Trade Me

A doodle by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is up for grabs for $20 on Trade Me.

The doodle is being auctioned by the Parent to Parent charity which supports the families of babies, children, teens and adults with disabilities or health impairments. 

The artwork, which is currently sitting at $20.22, is titled Bring it on.

It features the heading 'Bring On', followed by the years 2020 and 2021 crossed out and replaced with the single word, 'tomorrow'. It's also signed by the Prime Minister. 

"A new year, our new normal...The years 2020 and 2021 are literally a write off in this doodle for charity by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern," the description reads. 

"We'd say that's about write too. Seeing as we are on the home sketch of 2021 perhaps this is the write time to draw a line in the sand and look forward to less time penned up in our homes? Atrocious puns, we know. We are a charity. Donate to us and we can afford some better ones. 

"Christmas is the perfect time to think about other Kiwis who need a bit of looking after. Proceeds from this auction will help fund Parent to Parent NZ's popular SibCamps. 

The artwork is titled Bring it on.
The artwork is titled Bring it on. Photo credit: Supplied

"Growing up with a disabled brother or sister comes with unique challenges. Feelings of isolation, guilt and low self-esteem are common. SibCamps offer the opportunity for these special siblings to have a weekend away where the focus is just on them. They can share experiences, make new friends, and learn strategies to help them thrive at home."

The ink card artwork is 29.7cm x 21cm and on offer until the auction closes on Wednesday, December 22 at 7:15pm.