Transport Minister Michael Wood ignores Wellington rail protesters' demands

After a brief respite, Wellington commuters were stopped by protest action again on Thursday morning.

Climate demonstrators climbed a gantry above State Highway One where it was forced to close. and then tried to zoom into a select committee hui but it didn't quite go to plan.

Attention Minister Michael Wood the protesters need to talk and they're disrupting the morning commute because they want you to listen- they want passenger rail restored across the country.

"You've got the power to do this it's in your hands as minister of transport, "spokesperson Rosemary Penwarden said

The protesters climbed up a gantry near Johnsonville at around 8.30am on Thursday. 

With plans to then zoom into the Transport Select Committee, their first attempt was plagued by tech issues and in their second attempt they weren't welcome.

"I don't think it's right we hear from a group acting illegally," one committee member said.

National MP Simeon Brown has been protesting the protesters who've been protesting for weeks.

"Stopping all traffic I think is absolutely appalling and New Zealanders have had enough."

Even if the protestors were successful in zooming into the meeting, Transport Minister Michael Wood isn't on the select committee and he doesn't want to listen.

"While a group like this is making threats and severely disrupting Wellingtonians on a daily basis I won't be engaging with them," Wood said.

The protestors spent three hours on the gantry and were arrested without getting what they wanted.