Twitter reacts to Chris Hipkins' tracksuit and sunnies look in Newshub interview

There is something quintessentially Kiwi about the trackie dacks and Dirty Dog-esque sunglasses Labour MP Chris Hipkins wore on Friday morning as media chased him down for an interview on his leadership ambitions.

Hipkins' was interviewed by political reporter Amelia Wade on Friday morning while out for some exercise in Napier. 

"Don't interview me when I'm in my tracksuit, that's not fair," he joked before answering a series of questions, focused on whether he will run for Prime Minister now that Jacinda Ardern has resigned.  

Newshub political editor Jenna Lynch then shared a link to the interview on Twitter alongside this screenshot.

Hipkins was interviewed on Friday morning while out for some exercise.
Hipkins was interviewed on Friday morning while out for some exercise. Photo credit: Newshub.

Twitter users went to town with comments about Hipkins' sartorial choice.

One user thought he looked like an "Undercover public transport ticket inspector".

"I swear I saw this bloke waiting outside the local TAB at 7:59am," said another.

"I can only assume below frame he's holding a steak & cheese and blue Powerade," said a third.

Some users attributed Hipkins' aesthetic to his Hutt Valley heritage 

"The bogan we need right now #Hutt" one tweeted. 

"Ultimate Upper Hutt dad attire," said another. 

There were also many allusions to Hipkins looking like a raver with his style of sunglasses popular at festivals and raves. 

One Twitter user described Hipkins as an: "Absolute man of the people in those speed dealers".

"Good to see Chippy getting ready for Fatboy Slim next weekend," said another. 

There was no relief for Labour MP Michael Wood, who was also interviewed by Newshub while out walking this morning.

One user thought Wood looked like a "Man in his 40s on the way to RnV" while Hipkins looked like a "Man in his 40s on the way home from RnV".

Another made a particularly perceptive comparison between Hipkins and a character from the new Avatar movie.

"This is absolute peak dad fashion. Chris Hipkins is potentially our most memeable politician," said one user.

Whether Hipkins' everyman look will win him the leadership race remains to be seen.