Transport Minister Michael Wood refuses to say whether Auckland's light rail project will go ahead

Transport Minister Michael Wood is refusing to say whether Auckland will still get its promised light rail or not.

Wood, who is now also the Minister for Auckland, revealed the light rail project is under review as part of a "ministerial refocus on key Government projects".

Speaking with AM on Friday Wood refused to rule anything in or out. When asked whether light rail was one of the projects which might be cut back, Wood said not necessarily.

"I wouldn't say that specifically. The Prime Minister asked all ministers to look across their portfolios, across the projects. They have. Not to rule anything in and out particularly, and we are working through that over the next week or two," he said.

But his comments didn't go down well with National's Erica Stanford, who was appearing on the show with Wood. Stanford called his comments "walk back language".

Stanford said while the project is hugely expensive and the Government has already spent millions.

She said Auckland needed some transformational transport options but that's not what the city looks like it's getting.

But Wood jumped in saying she was getting ahead of herself and no decision had been made to cancel the project - but he wouldn't confirm it was safe either.

"We're a government that is actually committed to building a proper linked-up public transport network for Auckland," he said.

When asked whether he wanted light rail to stay or not, he said he would keep that discussion internal before admitting he did support it.

"Well, clearly I have [supported it]. It's been a policy of ours. It's been something that we've been moving forward on that's making good progress. But across the whole portfolio we'll confirm where we're going at the end of next week," he said.

If it goes ahead the light rail project is expected to cost around $15 billion, according to the initial business case.

The new rail line would start at the airport and run overground next to State Highway 25 through Māngere, Onehunga and onto Mt Roskill.

It would then pop underground and carry on to Kingsland, past the universities and finish at Wynyard Quarter. The 24km route would have up to 18 stations and run every five minutes - that is of course if it doesn't get scrapped.

The news the project is under review comes after Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown criticised it last week saying the "case for light rail was lighter than ever".