Posie Parker: Counter-protests planned as anti-trans protester gets greenlight for NZ travel, Labour MP expected to attend

Anti-trans protester Posie Parker will not be denied entry to New Zealand so is set to hold her controversial rallies in Auckland and Wellington this weekend.

Counter-protests are being planned and the Immigration Minister's made his disapproval of Parker crystal clear.

A self-identified TERF- aka a radical transphobe - is coming to Aotearoa.

"No woman has a penis… no man has a vagina," she said.

The immigration department has gone through all public information about Parker - real name Kellie-Jay Keen - like her Melbourne rally which masked neo-Nazis supported. A woman storming the stage was pulled off in a stranglehold.

Parker has issued direct threats to the Prime Minister.

"I tell you what Chris, I tell you what Mr Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, revoke my visa at your peril, let's see what happens," she said. 

But Immigration New Zealand concluded, "there is no reason to believe that she is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk". 

Trans-rights activist Shaneel Lal says they're genuinely fearful and planning a counter-protest.

"This is our turf and we will not accept any TERFs on it… this is the first time I feel afraid for my safety going to a protest."

Newshub's been told the chair of Labour's rainbow caucus, Shanan Halbert, will attend the counter-protest.

There are discussions underway about who else from the Government will also turn out in support of the rainbow community.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Michael Wood said Parker's case was a decision for officials.

He condemned her for world views he called "inflammatory, vile and incorrect".

"I find many of her views repugnant, and am concerned by the way in which she courts some of the most vile people and groups around including white supremacists," Wood said.

Grant Robertson, the Finance Minister, said her views are "abhorrent".

"We must remember that this isn't someone who accidentally had Nazis showing up at a rally", Green MP Ricardo Menéndez March said.

Posie Parker's path to get here is now unblocked.


Upon arrival in New Zealand, Posie Parker said she didn't know why neo-Nazis had attended her events in Australia.

"You would have to ask Nazis why they show up to a women's rights event. I'm pretty sure it's not to support women's rights," she told Newshub on Friday night.

"How am I going to prevent aggressive men from coming to my event? How on earth would I be able to prevent anyone from coming to a free speech event?" said Parker.

This online story has been edited to remove a reference to a gesture made by Parker in an online video.