Prime Minister Chris Hipkins responds to anti-transgender activist Posie Parker's threats

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says he's not getting involved with the decisions made about Posie Parker after she called him out on social media.

The anti-transgender activist, whose real name is Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshul, threatened Hipkins in a video posted on YouTube after Immigration New Zealand said it was reviewing her visa.

Asked by AM host Ryan Bridge whether there was any update on the review, Hipkins said the matter was for Immigration officials and not him.

"It's not something I'm going to intervene and get involved with. Ultimately, whether someone meets the character test or not to enter New Zealand isn't something that I would get involved in."

Hipkins added he believed in freedom of speech but there were lines that shouldn't be crossed.

"People are entitled to express their views, people are entitled to condemn other people whose views they disagree with," he said.

"No one's entitled to incite people to violence and to things such as that.

"I'd encourage everyone, when they're exercising their right to free speech, to do so responsibly. That's part of living in a community."

Keen-Minshull is a contentious British figure, who started the "Standing for Women" group that campaigns against transgender rights.

Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull - also known as Posie Parker.
Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull - also known as Posie Parker. Photo credit: YouTube

In the YouTube video, she suggested she could take legal action against the media and politicians for describing her as "anti-transgender".

She also spoke directly to Hipkins, telling him to "revoke my visa at your peril".