Single mother, full-time student says Government's cost of living boost will cover two days of parking at university

A single mother of two and full-time student says she'll receive an extra $30 a week from the Government's $2 billion cost of living boost - which will cover two days of parking at university. 

The Government announced a boost to help Kiwis with the rising cost of living, and about 1.4 million people will benefit, including pensioners, students, children and parents and those on benefits.

Single Tauranga mother and full-time student Holly A'Court said she relies on government benefits to get through "week by week", but it's tough. 

"It's quite a struggle, it's quite scary sometimes not being able to afford specific things, running out of money, it's just not easy."

A'Court told AM she worked full-time last year before studying and money was manageable, but now she's a full-time student amid the rising cost of living and increases in rent, the mother is "lucky if I've got $20 to $30 left a week by the weekend".

 "It is what it is."

Though the single mother's university provides food parcels her bills are still high. 

"In regards to bills and parking, you've got to pay for parking this year, it's not easy."

She said she's "grateful for anything and everything" but the extra boost of $30 will only cover two days of parking at the university. 

"I've got the option to catch the bus, but I've got two kids so I've got to drop them off to school before school and have to pick them up after school, so busing isn't really easy enough for me."

She added the boost is "something" but it's not "going to solve the problem". 

"I'm studying to try and get a career and make a difference and get to that point where I don't have to worry about money, but in order to do that, I have to study."

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