Marama Davidson, David Seymour jokingly clash during AM political segment ahead of Budget

Two political party leaders have jokingly clashed on AM with Marama Davidson calling David Seymour a "dictator" when discussing a wealth tax ahead of Thursday's Budget. 

Major tax changes have been ruled out in the Budget, which is released at 2pm on Thursday, but the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll shows voters want one - more than half want a wealth tax.

AM hosted a segment dubbed "politician speed dating", which included: Labour Minister Megan Woods, National deputy leader Nicola Willis, Green co-leader Marama Davidson, Te Pati Maori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and ACT Leader David Seymour.

Davidson told AM Kiwis like the idea of a wealth tax because they know it's "immoral and wrong" that there are people who are "creaming it" while everyday Kiwis struggle. 

When asked by AM co-host Ryan Bridge if Davidson would rule out working as a minister in a Government that didn't introduce a wealth tax, she wouldn't but said it was a priority for the Greens. 

"That's a priority and we are really clear, what does become on the table is up to the voters. If voters really believe and we've seen from your poll that they do, then we have to rebalance wealth. Then more Green MPs is absolutely the way to get those things over the line," she told AM. 

When pressed again if she would take a stand on wealth tax, the Green Party co-leader told AM she is not a "dictator" after being heckled by Seymour who told Davidson to "take a stand!"

"I'm not a dictator. The Green Party doesn't believe in dictator models of leadership, David Seymour. 

"We also believe in having my say instead of being interrupted by the dictator. Mr. Speaker kick him out please," Davidson jokes as Seymour tried to interrupt her. 

"It is really important that the members in their wisdom, will absolutely make the right choices and are allowing for the voters to have their choice. What I'm saying to voters is we want to be able to pay nurses what they deserve,"

Seymour had previously told AM in the segment that ACT  want to see a reduction in wasteful spending when the Budget is announced later on Thursday.  

"Spending is up 60 percent in five years. I don't think that anyone can name a single area of public service that is 60 percent better," he said. 

"In fact, I asked the Government over there and they certainly haven't been able to. So we need to end the wasteful spending and then we need to give people tax relief."

Seymour called Thursday's Budget the "bottom of the barrel Budget" as the Government is not getting results for the spending they're doing. 

Watch the full political panel on the Budget in the video above.