Election 2023: Chris Hipkins doesn't know how much Labour's 'in it for you' slogan cost

  • 18/07/2023

Chris Hipkins doesn't know much his Labour Party's new slogan cost after announcing the catchphrase at the weekend.

The party leader unveiled the "in it for you" slogan on Sunday, at the same time criticising Opposition leader Christopher Luxon.

In a statement announcing the slogan, Hipkins said Luxon's "unaffordable tax cuts for the rich will make inflation worse and drive up the cost of living" - referring to the National Party's policy to index tax thresholds to inflation.

Asked about Labour's slogan again on Tuesday and how much it cost the party, Hipkins said: "Obviously the ad agency was involved in the discussions around the slogan, as you might expect.

"I picked from a range of different options they came up with, in terms of the creative content. It's part of the overall advertising agency work that every political party does in the run-up to an election campaign," he told AM.

Hipkins said, however, he wasn't sure of the cost.

"To be honest, I don't know either," he said.

"I generally try not to get involved in the campaign budget - either in the fundraising side of it or in the expenditure side of it."

Those decisions were made by other people within the party, he told AM co-host Lloyd Burr. 

Hipkins is bidding to be re-elected Prime Minister, a job he stepped into after Jacinda Ardern's resignation earlier this year. If successful, it would be his Labour Party's third term at the helm.

His new phrase differs from Ardern's past two election slogans of "Let's keep moving" and "Let's do this".