Election 2023: Labour does 'absolutely not' have plans to replace Chris Hipkins before voting day - Ginny Andersen

Labour has no intention of replacing the party's leader Chris Hipkins before October's election, Ginny Andersen says.

Senior Labour MP Andersen, appearing on AM for the show's weekly political panel, was quizzed about recent polls showing plummeting support for her party.

"Polls bounce around, we've seen that movement in different polls over time," she said.

"It's still a tight election and we remain focused on going out there and talking to people to make sure we get every single vote.

"We do know that we see a range of polls in New Zealand with a lot of different numbers in them and it's probably better to take a step back and look at what the overall picture says."

Despite Labour crashing, most of the recent polling shows National Party leader Christopher Luxon still languishing behind Hipkins as the preferred Prime Minister. However, the latest Taxpayers' Union-Curia poll released on Thursday had the pair tied at 25 percent. 

Despite this, Andersen said Labour does "absolutely not" have plans to replace Hipkins before the election.

"I think Chris Hipkins is an amazing leader and I think we'll see that in the debates as well."

When pressed on whether Labour's falling popularity was due to Hipkins ruling out implementing a wealth tax under his watch, Andersen said it was "really difficult to specifically pinpoint".

"I think, in general, there's a view that focusing on the cost of living is really what Kiwis are wanting to see."

Just months before the 2017 election, Andrew Little stood down as Labour leader while the party's polling languished in the low 30s. He was replaced by Jacinda Ardern, who went on to guide Labour to 36.9 percent of the vote and an election victory by virtue of forming a Coalition with New Zealand First.