Security called as Greenpeace protesters disrupt Parliament

Greenpeace protesters have been kicked out of Parliament's public gallery after interrupting a Green MP during the final Question Time ahead of the election.

Protesters were seen on Thursday afternoon draping banners from the public gallery that read "Too Many Cows. Climate Action Now".

The disruption occurred as Greens co-leader Marama Davidson was asked a supplementary question to the Minister of Climate Change James Shaw.

"Why are emissions falling?" she asked, before the loud commotion kicked off overhead.

Three short blasts from a whistle were heard, followed by someone shouting, "too many cows".

Speaker Adrian Rurawhe spoke into his microphone, calling for assistance from Parliamentary security to remove the protesters. 

"You need to leave the gallery right now," he ordered sternly, frowning above at the viewing gallery.

"Can we have that removed please," he said, pointing to the banner.

Greenpeace spokesperson Christine Rose said the protesters were calling on politicians to take urgent action to cut climate pollution from big dairy.

"Big dairy is New Zealand's worst climate polluter. For too long, the industry has been denying and delaying action on agricultural emissions. And now, we are seeing the impacts of the climate crisis every day. This cannot continue," she said.

"People across the motu have felt the impacts of the climate crisis this year, from Cyclone Gabrielle in the north, to severe drought in the south. Climate change is here, and this year's election must be a climate election, where all political parties prioritise urgent climate action."

It comes just days after a heckler interrupted Christopher Luxon's media stand-up in Auckland's Pakuranga earlier this week.

Visions NZ candidate Karl Mokaraka was seen leaning over a fence behind him and Simeon Brown.

"We haven't seen you in Ōtara, Mr Luxon," Mokaraka said.

"Hey, buddy, why can't we just be respectful of everyone?" Luxon asked.

"We are part of Freedoms New Zealand and we would like you to turn up to our communities," Mokaraka responded.