Election 2023: Brian Tamaki takes dig at 'career politician' Winston Peters

Brian Tamaki has taken a dig against New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, who he's called a "career politician" who's "had his day".

Tamaki, co-leader of the Freedoms NZ party, and his wife Hannah were at the Due Drops Events Centre in Auckland where the National Party was holding its campaign launch on Sunday. He was flanked by about 100 protesters and was filmed shouting about transgender people and Jesus.

While outside the venue, Newshub asked Tamaki if he could work with Peters and New Zealand First.

"Winston's had his day. I don't think we want career politicians back again," he said.

"We want fresh faces, we want new people, and we want a Parliament and a Government that's of the people, for the people."

Tamaki went further and said New Zealanders are tired of the political system and it needs a revolution.

"We don't want any more professional career politicians. We want real people in Government, people who are experienced and skilled, who represent us on all levels of portfolios. Not people who've come from a party with no experience and are incompetent. That's what we've seen with Labour," he said.

"I think National right now are so close to Labour it's like they're in coalition. National's just Labour in drag."

Brian Tamaki.
Brian Tamaki. Photo credit: Newshub.

This latest disturbance from Freedoms NZ comes after supporters also disrupted the Labour Party campaign launch on Saturday. About 50 Freedoms NZ protesters gathered at Aotea Square, with hecklers disrupting speeches from Hipkins and former Prime Minister Helen Clark. 

Earlier this week, a Freedoms NZ candidate hijacked Christopher Luxon's press conference when he leaned over the fence and interrupted the National Party leader. Then two weeks ago, Hipkins was mobbed at the Ōtara flea markets by Freedoms NZ protesters while on a walkabout with his MPs.

Tamaki said on Sunday he doesn't believe people are tired of his party's disruptions.

"I think a lot of New Zealanders are quite happy that we're standing up for people's rights, for family."

The Freedoms NZ co-leader added he isn't campaigning to get into Government, he instead wants Governments to be "honest, transparent, and listening to the people".