Election 2023: How to go on unpublished roll before voting

At the end of an election, electoral rolls are made public and include your name, address, and occupation - but what if you want that information kept private?

Not long after the election wraps up, the Electoral Commission will publish a list of Kiwis who enrolled to vote - the electoral roll - it will be made public at libraries and the offices of registrars of electors across the motu.

While the electoral roll will include someone's name, address, and occupation - it will exclude the person's date of birth, phone number and email address.

But if someone wants their information kept private, the Electoral Commission allows Kiwis to enrol on the 'unpublished roll' - where their enrolment details are kept confidential and the commission promises it "won't give them to anyone".

The Electoral Commission's website says, "not everyone feels safe enough" to have their personal information made publicly available - and urges Kiwis worried about their personal safety or their family, due to their enrollment details being made public, to apply for the unpublished roll.

So, what do you need to do to remain under the radar?

The Electoral Commission asks for information to support why someone would want to go on the unpublished roll. Its website says a letter explaining why their work or personal circumstances place them at risk.

"This letter could be from your employer, lawyer, social worker, advocate, or someone of standing in the community," the commission said.

Copies of a protection order or a restraining order are also accepted by the commission, as well as information from police or The Ministry of Corrections outlining why someone's details being public could impact the person or person's family.

Enrollment for the unpublished roll must be made before Writ Day on September 10 - this is where the Electoral Commission pulls data for the roll that will be printed for the election.

An Electoral Commission spokesperson encouraged Kiwis who want to switch to the unpublished roll to do it "sooner rather than later" because the turnaround time can be lengthy.

"Anyone who isn't already enrolled can enrol on either the published or the unpublished roll any time, including election day on 14 October."

The spokesperson told Newshub those who enrol after Writ Day will have to cast a special vote, which "can take a bit longer".

To enrol on the unpublished roll, a form can be found on the Electoral Commission's website, or the commission can post it. Find out how here.

Voting will kick off on October 2 when Kiwis can vote at any voting booth in Aotearoa. On Election Day, October 14, voting booths will open from 9am and shut at 7pm.