Election 2023: Paddy Gower gives early vote insight as National's 'blue-nami' overwhelms Labour's red wave of the last election

Newshub's Patrick Gower says preliminary results show a 'blue-nami' is on the way as early data shows National romping towards a Government.  

Preliminary results have the National Party in the lead, consistently sitting over 40 percent while Labour is trailing behind in the 20s. 

"We've got a big, big blue wave coming. It could be a blue-nami if they stay over 40 percent, in my view," Gower said on Newshub's live election coverage.  

"Are we going to be tearing out red bricks? I say yes we are. Are we going to be tearing out a lot of red bricks? I say, 'Oh hell yeah baby', on these numbers," he added.  

In the last election, Labour won a historic MMP majority, bringing in 65 MPs, but this election is shaping up to see many of those politicians out of Parliament.

Nearly the whole electorate wall has flipped, Gower said. Preliminary results show the electorates of Ilam, Mount Albert, Hutt South, Napier and more are switching from Labour to National.

The high-profile Labour MPs at risk of losing their electorate seats according to early results are Kieran McAnulty, Phil Twyford, Michael Wood, Ginny Andersen, Kelvin Davis, Damien O'Connor and Jo Luxton.

"Labour are absolutely getting destroyed out there and it's not just by the National Party," Gower said.

 The Green Party is also picking up some of Labour's seats this election.

"Nearly the whole red wall is collapsing. It is more than a bulldozer, it is more than a freight train, the blue-nami is on," Gower said. 

New Zealand is starting to turn blue with stronghold Labour seats in danger of flipping, results show.

The West Coast is where the Labour Party was formed, but early results show National's Maureen Pugh is pipping Labour's Damien O'Connor for the West Coast-Tasman electorate.

Mount Albert has been held by Labour since it was established in 1949. The electorate was home to former prime ministers Jacinda Ardern and Helen Clark. However, the seat is now leaning towards National's Melissa Lee.

"There will be a lot of happy National voters out there right now." 

The early results also show National may be able to form a coalition with just ACT and not New Zealand First as pre-election polls suggested.  

Follow Newshub's live coverage of the election here. 

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