Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon grills AM host Ryan Bridge over Christmas leave

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has turned the tables on AM's Ryan Bridge, jokingly grilling him over the amount of time he gets off over the summer period.  

Politicians are used to getting grilled by journalists and presenters but Luxon didn’t miss his chance to take a subtle jab at Bridge when he appeared on AM on Wednesday morning.  

The moment came about when Luxon told the show the change of government could also mean politicians work longer over the summer period than previously done, if the incoming Prime Minister gets his way.  

The Prime Minister-elect wants to shorten the time elected officials are away from the house, expecting them back at work in mid-January, several weeks earlier than usual.  

Luxon told AM if Kiwis are expected to work through to around December 21 or 22 then politicians should also be expected to do the same.  

According to the New Zealand Parliament website, the last sitting day in the house in 2022 was December 15. Parliament didn't return until February 14 this year – that is a 61-day gap.  

Luxon told AM he plans for Parliament to go "right up to Christmas" and was just working to confirm the state date for 2024 but is looking at a mid-January return for politicians.    

The last sitting day for Parliament this year is December 21, according to the New Zealand Parliament website. 

"We've got a lot to do, we'll be under new management and we've got to go to work for the New Zealand people," he said.  

"If I look at last year for example and coming from outside, we stopped on the 14th or 16th of December. By the time we actually started up after Waitangi Day and then we had the Cyclones, we never got back to Parliament I think until early March. We've got a lot to get on with and get cracking with."  

This led Bridge to say he believes many people will "like the sound of that".  

"That's what every other New Zealander does don't they? Why shouldn't our parliamentarians do the same thing," Luxon replied.  

This led to a funny exchange between Luxon and Bridge, with the AM host saying "we do go off air quite early don't we".  

Luxon didn't miss the opportunity to take a quick jab at Bridge, jokingly slamming him for the amount of time he takes off over the summer period.  

"Apart from you, you're sitting on a beach in the Bahamas or wherever you go, complaining about the bus lanes and doing your Miley Cyrus impersonations. I mean that's where you probably perfect it all," Luxon joked.  

"How many months do you get off?"  

Bridge tried to defend himself by saying, "we get up early in the morning".

Watch the full moment in the video above.