Election 2023: Christopher Luxon won't attend APEC as coalition negotiations drag on

Newshub understands a decision has now been made that incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon will not attend APEC.

It comes as coalition negotiations between National, ACT and New Zealand First drag on. It's been a month since the general election and 11 days since the final election results were revealed but the trio are yet to finalise an agreement.

He previously made it very clear he wanted in on the summit and it almost became a deadline of sorts for a government to be formed.

But Newshub understands a decision has now been made that the incoming Prime Minister won't attend the summit.

On Monday, Luxon told AM it's "increasingly unlikely" he'll attend the conference in San Francisco.

"I just say that because I really want to be here on the ground so we can form a strong and stable Government. That has to be my job number one."

He was working through the weekend at all hours to try and get himself on the plane.

"We finished at 2am on Saturday morning and a late night on Saturday as well. It's been full on."

But he's not got his ducks in a row.

"This week will be a really important week. We have some outstanding issues we need to get resolved."

But on Tuesday morning, ACT leader David Seymour hinted the three parties might be meeting today.

Arriving in Wellington for another week of coalition talks, Seymour was asked whether all three parties could get around the table on Tuesday.

"I think that is very possible," he replied. "We are certainly very happy to meet anyone anytime and we are all in Wellington now, so that has got to make it easier."

"There may well be a meeting of three."

He wouldn't make a commitment on when the talks would wrap up.

"I don't think anyone is in a position to say they are certain when this finishes because there are three different people. Everyone says they want it to go faster, and I certainly do, I think a lot of people watching and listening would love to see this be got on with, but no one person can decide how a negotiation between three ends or when it ends."