Election 2023: Patrick Gower calls for special votes red tape to be cut through with 'bloody chainsaw'

  • 01/11/2023

Patrick Gower has been vocal about New Zealand having to wait weeks before the official election result is known. 

The Newshub journalist and ex-political editor said any sort of "crap" red tape "drives me to want to drink", including the three-week wait for special votes to be counted. 

Gower, who has been posting frequently on X about his opposition to the three-week wait, said the incoming Government needed to "cut through this crap with some sort of bloody chainsaw". 

"Something that is driving me to want to drink at the moment - the first thing - is waiting for this Government to actually be able to form because of this bizarre three-week wait for special votes," he said during AM's Wednesday panel. 

"If there is one piece of red tape that Christopher Luxon should snip so we never have to go through it again, it is this scenario where we're literally on hold while businesses are going out of business [and] we have no Government here - that drives me to want to drink. That drives me insane." 

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