Ginny Andersen: Two former staffers make fresh allegations against Labour MP 

Newshub can reveal fresh allegations of toxic workplace behaviour against Labour MP Ginny Andersen - this time, from two former staff members.   

It comes after concerns were raised last week about Andersen's treatment of young volunteers.    

One former staffer is calling for an independent investigation into the former Police Minister. 

The two former staff members have described Andersen's Hutt South electorate office as a toxic environment.   

Last week on AM, responding to other allegations she'd bullied young volunteers, Andersen said she treated "people respectfully and that's something I always do".  

Now Newshub has spoken with two former staffers from her electorate office.   

One claimed Andersen would say: "I am an MP, I can do what I like" when they raised concerns about her behaviour.   

"Because I am assertive, I did not feel I was 'bullied', but her behaviour is very much consistent with a workplace bully," the former staffer said.   

Andersen last week denied she was a bully.    

But the former staffer alleged Andersen has a "dark side".   

"Ginny is not one for yelling, it is more snarky schoolgirl style comments in texts, messages and emails," the former staffer said.    

"Sometimes she would say something horrible to me in an email, then turn up to the office the next day and act nice as pie - completely too cowardly to say the same comments to my face. It was like dealing with a child.  

"It was laughable."   

The staffer said she emailed and called Parliamentary Services - raising red flags - and emailed Labour with concerns.   

A second staffer also told Newshub Parliamentary Services were aware of issues in Andersen's office, as was the Labour Party.   

"The system is not built up for you to make formal complaints, the system is built up just to leave when it gets bad and I just left," the second staffer said.  

"People knew it was a bad environment and nothing happened, nothing changed."   

Newshub has now spoken to four people who have worked for Andersen as staffers or volunteers.   

All have spoken anonymously because they said they're fearful of being targeted and attacked online - but wanted to speak out so others didn't have to go through what they did. They all want change.   

One of the staff members is now calling for an independent inquiry into Andersen's behaviour.   

Andersen turned down an interview with Newshub on Thursday.   

In a statement, she said she was "aware of historic employment issues" which she said "were worked through and resolved with Parliamentary Service at that time".    

"It is however hard to respond to specific allegations when they are anonymous.   

"Like any employer, from time-to-time issues have arisen with staff. And looking back there was always room for improvement.   

"I haven't always been perfect but I've always sought to improve. I've taken every opportunity available to me, including professional development and leadership training which is offered to all MPs.   

"These are historic issues and more recently, including in my ministerial office, I've had no issues with staff.   

"I, and the Labour Party are fully committed to improving the culture at Parliament, which is why we have supported the introduction of the Commissioner of Parliamentary Standards.   

"As a result, anyone with concerns about an MP's behaviour now has a clear and independent process available to them and I encourage anyone with concerns to raise these with the Commissioner.   

"I would always hope that people who have issues would raise them with me, but if they don't want to do that, I am pleased there are processes available."