Labour MP Ginny Andersen denies toxic work environment, refutes claim of body shaming

  • 17/11/2023

Ginny Andersen says she doesn't believe her work environment is toxic after ex-staffers made allegations against the Labour MP.

Newshub has now spoken to four people who have worked for Andersen as staffers or volunteers. All have spoken anonymously because they said they're fearful of being targeted and attacked online.  

They claimed her behaviour is very much consistent with a workplace bully and that she would make "snarky schoolgirl style comments" in texts and emails.

It comes after concerns were raised about Andersen's treatment of young volunteers.    

Appearing on AM on Friday, Andersen said she doesn't believe her workplace was a toxic environment and many of the allegations were not raised with her at the time.

"It's really difficult to respond to allegations that are historical and also anonymous… I'll admit I'm not perfect. In hindsight, there are always areas that you can improve on but I have always tried to continually improve and to encourage a positive workplace," Andersen told co-host Melissa Chan-Green.

Andersen also refuted some of the allegations made about her.

In response to the allegation that she said "I am an MP, I can do what I like" when staffers raised concerns about her behaviour, she said: "I never recall saying that and that doesn't sound like something I would say".

Andersen also denied claims she would make "body-shaming" comments.

"I most definitely have not done that. I refute that," she said. 

"I've always had a strong and positive outlook, particularly in terms of people's personal appearance. That's some of the training that all MPs receive, knowing how to conduct yourself professionally in the workplace, and I would never do something like that.

"My door is always open. I'm always happy to talk more with people and I would really encourage them to use the independent parliamentary commissioner if they have issues they feel need to be addressed."

The Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards was established in June 2022 following consultation as part of its programme to improve the parliamentary workplace.

Its role is to investigate and resolve escalated complaints about the conduct of Members' of Parliament which do not align with the Behavioural Statements for the Parliamentary Workplace.