Golriz Ghahraman: Political commentator Brigitte Morten says allegations will raise 'a lot of internal questions' in Green Party

  • 11/01/2024

A former National ministerial advisor says allegations levelled against high-profile MP Golriz Ghahraman are a "massive problem" for the Greens and the party will have "a lot of internal questions to answer".  

Greens justice spokesperson Ghahraman stood aside from all her portfolios on Wednesday after being accused of shoplifting.   

She has not been charged by the police and a spokesperson said it was "unable to respond to requests which seek to confirm or deny whether a named individual" was under investigation.  

The Greens said Ghahraman would "stand aside from all portfolio responsibilities until the matter is resolved".  

Right-leaning political commentator and lawyer Brigitte Morten said it was a horror ordeal for the Greens after last year's historic election result.  

"To start their year in this position is not the way anyone would want to do it," she told Newstalk ZB.  

"Obviously, everyone's gone a bit quiet - which probably indicates that, for most people, they're trying to work out what's happened and what the next steps are."  

The Greens have not been immune from internal scandal in recent times. In May, MP Elizabeth Kerekere resigned after she was investigated for bullying allegations. 

Dr Kerekere went on criticise the party's leadership

Morten told Newstalk ZB anything that diminishes a political party's key messages was a "massive problem".  

"I think that they're going to have a lot of internal questions to answer as well," she said.  

"They took that first step in ensuring she stood aside from her portfolios... they need to act quickly."  

Ghahraman, a former UN lawyer, is alleged to have shoplifted during the Christmas period from the exclusive clothing store Scottie's Boutique in Auckland.  

She has not yet responded to the allegations.  

In its statement on Wednesday, the Greens said MPs were "expected to maintain high standards of public behaviour".  

A Greens spokesperson said neither the party nor Ghahraman would comment further at this time.