Donald Trump

Brad Arnold (R) and Todd Harrell of the rock band 3 Doors Down.

Ex-3 Doors Down bassist arrested on guns, drugs and assault charges

One of the founding members of the rock band 3 Doors Down is back behind bars.

Donald Trump.

US-South Korea military drills expected to be called off

But they'll be right back on if the North doesn't denuclearise, Donald Trump says.

The extraordinary picture was taken by John Moore, a Pulitzer Prize winner and Getty photographer.

Heartbreaking photo of crying 2yo captures horror of Trump border policy

Forty-six children a day are being separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

"The whole world will be picking up the bill for the mistaken acts of US unilateralism," one paper warned.

China hits back against Trump's trade war

"The wise man builds bridges, the fool builds walls," the official Xinhua news agency warned.

Donald Trump.

Trump announces tariffs on Chinese exports

The move follows his belief the Chinese are stealing the US' secrets.

Amy Poehler.

Amy Poehler gets blunt in THR interview

"Who cares? The whole world is on fire."

A recent protest outside the White House over the separation of families.

2000 children separated from parents under 'zero tolerance' policy

That's 46 every day for six weeks since the Trump administration cracked down on illegal immigration.

Donald Trump.

Trump says Americans should 'sit up at attention' when he talks

Just like North Koreans do for Kim Jong-un, he said, before claiming it was a joke.

James Comey and Donald Trump.

FBI showed 'total bias' against me, says Trump

He says an investigation clearing the FBI of bias is "wrong".

North Korean state media lauded the summit as a resounding success.

Call me, maybe? Trump and Kim exchange numbers

"He can now call me if he has any difficulties, I can call him," the US President said.

Manafort helped get Trump elected.

Trump's ex-campaign manager sent to prison

Paul Manafort's bail has been revoked ahead of his trial for alleged conspiracy against the US.

Workers assemble a car at the Volvo Cars manufacturing plant in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, China

US fires shots in trade war against China

China has vowed to strike back.

Donald Trump

'But my emails' - Hillary Clinton trolls James Comey

This comes after revelations Comey used his personal email for FBI business.

The US has long insisted on complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation by North Korea.

US and North Korea contradict each other on sanctions

Tough sanctions will remain on North Korea, the US says, until it has completely denuclearised.

Carbon and methane emissions are driving up temperatures.

Paris climate target will be exceeded by 2040 - UN

Temperatures are already up about 1degC and are rising at a rate of about 0.2degC a decade.

Donald Trump.

Trump sued by New York over charity's 'illegal conduct'

The US President has been accused of using his charity as a chequebook for his political campaign.

Donald Trump

Trump murals, overcrowding in Texas shelter for detained child migrants

Almost 1500 boys between 10 and 17 are housed at the shelter inside a former Walmart.

There is confusion over precisely what military co-operation Donald Trump has promised to halt.

North Korean media hails Trump's concessions

But some of the claims appear to be news to US and South Korean officials.

It was the first meeting between sitting leaders of the two countries.

More to N Korea agreement than publicly released - US

Much of what was agreed couldn't be put in writing, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says.

While United States President Donald Trump is claiming great progress was made on the denuclearisation of North Korea, there's still no assurance Kim Jong-un will hand over his weapons.

What actually happened at the Trump-Kim Singapore Summit?

International relations experts say Kim Jong-un got the best deal.