Donald Trump

Donald Trump.

Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran

35 minutes ago

It follows a tense couple of weeks between the countries.

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

Pompeo hopes letter from Trump to Kim Jong-un paves way for talks

42 minutes ago

Talks stalled after a failed summit in Vietnam in February.

Donald Trump

Trump reveals 'biggest mistake' of presidency

There's one key appointment he says he regrets.

Watch: The historic moment when Donald Trump met Kim Jong-un.

Trump sends Kim Jong-un letter full of 'interesting content'

Kim Jong-un said he was considering the content.

The Israeli Prime Minister was joined by US national security adviser John Bolton.

Peace plan to be examined in 'fair and open manner' - Israel

US President Donald Trump says he's open to reversing the escalation

If Iran's keen, Trump says he'd like to make them "great again".

Trump says war 'always on the table' with Iran

But if Iran's keen, he says he'd like to make them "great again".

Trump spelling bad

Internet mocks Trump's latest spelling errors

"Sights" instead of "sites". "Cocked" instead of "locked".

Trump and Carroll.

Trump denies rape accusation

He said he's never met the accuser, despite the existence of a photograph of the pair together.

A tanker hit by a suspected Iranian mine.

Trump claims he saved 150 lives by calling off Iran strike

"We were cocked & loaded to retaliate," he tweeted.

Donald Trump.

Trump approves, then backs down on Iran military strike - report

It came after a US surveillance drone was shot down.

Donald Trump and Hope Hicks.

Trump 'serious' about accepting foreign interference, former aide says

Hope Hicks was once close to the US President. Now her testimony may help impeach him.

Donald Trump

Livestream: Trump kicks off 2020 reelection campaign

He says it's going to be "wild".

Watch: Nikole Killion and Steven Rogers spoke to The AM Show.

As Trump launches 2020 campaign, what are his re-election chances?

He's polling behind Joe Biden, but a former campaign advisor says the President's guaranteed a second term.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Donald Trump, Xi Jinping to restart trade talks

The US and China are in the middle of a trade war.

He is the first Chinese leader to go to North Korea in 14 years.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit North Korea

He will become the first Chinese leader to go to the country in 14 years.

Donald Trump.

Iran's 'nuclear blackmail' must be met with international pressure - US

Tensions between the US and Iran are high.

Watch: US President Donald Trump says it's clear Iran was behind the attack .

US does not want war with Iran - Pompeo

Iran has been accused of carrying out attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Trump talks E.T.

Trump reveals what he knows about UFOs

"People are saying they're seeing UFOs. Do I believe it?"

Trump's inauguration (left) compared to that for Barack Obama.

Trump still hasn't paid his inauguration bills - report

Now the District of Columbia is wondering who's going to pay for his upcoming July 4 rally.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Donald Trump reverses stance on foreign interference

He now says he would "of course" contact authorities.