Rugby World Cup 2019: Irate Spark Sport viewers lash out over ads after Japan's victory over Ireland

Irate Spark Sport users have taken to social media to express their frustrations with the streaming service after viewers were denied the chance to watch Japan celebrate their 19-12 win over Ireland.

Roughly 30 seconds after referee Angus Gardner blew the final whistle the coverage cut to a lengthy ad break, fans missing the celebrations after one of the biggest upsets in rugby history. 

"Wonderful brave blossom. Why the f!!! Does Spark sport cut to 2 minutes of ads 10sec after the win... everyone is still cheering," one Twitter user said. 

"Ahh #SparkSport you've done it again. Game finishes and instead of keeping the excitement going you cut to an ad break. Way to break the flow," another wrote. 

Despite the complaints, Spark Sport said it was pleased its streaming platform worked successfully during all three games on Saturday. 

It did admit there were a "modest" number of customers who required assistance, but overall they were happy. 

The number of concurrent streams peaked at 96,000 during the match, climbing rapidly as the Japanese took the lead during the second half.

"This is the second-highest audience on Spark Sport, following last Saturday's All Blacks v Springboks match," Spark Sport said.

Some users did experience glitching issues, similar to the problems occurring during last weeks All Blacks v Springboks test. But many also took to social media to praise the service, saying they didn't have any issues. 

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