Live updates: Rugby World Cup - Black Ferns v Wales at Auckland's Waitakere Stadium

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NZ 56 Wales 12

NZ - C Bremner, Brunt 2, Roos, Fitzpatrick, Murray, Demant, Tui & Woodman 2 tries; Demant 3 conversions 

Wales - F Lewis & Lillicrap try; Snowsill conversion


40th minute - TRY to Tui

Tubic finds touch inside the Wales 22, as Hirini rejoins the game. Ngan-Woo wins the throw and Tubic kicks across the field, where Woodman eludes a couple of defenders, before finding Tui with a long pass to score.

Tubic misses the conversion, but the Ferns have their second win of the tournament, NZ 56-12

39th minute - From the kickoff, Ferns secure the ball and Connor offloads to Cocksedge, who dashes into the 22. Wales steal the ball and clear.

38th minute - Wales win the lineout and maul to the tryline for captain Lillicrap to score. Conversion is missed, NZ 51-12

36th minute - Big scrum from Wales wins another penalty advantage inside the Ferns 22. They try a kick for the winger, but Tui has it covered, although she's winded by contact.

35th minute - Davidson blows another penalty and another yellow card to the Black Ferns, who lose McMenamin and are now down to 13 players.

34th minute - From the kickoff, Tubic stabs a kick through, but the bounce eludes du Plessis. Wales turn the ball over, but win it back.

32nd minute - TRY to Demant

Cocksedge tries a fancy reverse pass that's called forward, so the Ferns have the penalty and she takes a quick tap and releases the ball right, where Tubic finds Woodman with a long pass.

From the ruck, Cocksedge finds her captain looming wide to score. Tubic misses the conversion, but NZ have their half tone, NZ 51-7

31st minute - Ferns win a shot lineout and break out of their territory, with Murray on a storming run. Ferns front rowers combine out right and NZ win a penalty advantage.

30th minute - Wales kick into the Ferns 22, but Roos steals the lineout and NZ kick deep. Wales run the ball back, but are tackled into touch.

29th minute - Lewis wins another lineout and Wales cross halfway. Davidson brings them back for a penalty and shows Hirini a yellow card - the Ferns were warned.

28th minute - Wales win a penalty just outside their 22, but there are a couple of injuries to attend to, including Fitzpatrick for the Ferns. Tubic enters the game for Fitzpatrick.

27th minute - Cocksedge kicks downfield and the bounce is cruel for Wales, as the Ferns surge forward.

26th minute - Ngan-Woo wins the lineout and Woodman skips clear of the 22. Murray is driven back in a big tackle, but the Ferns continue to run out of their red zone.

25th minute - Ferns win a defensive scrum penalty and Demant clears to the 22.

24th minute - Wales power towards the tryline and win a penalty. They'll take another scrum and NZ must be lucky not to lose someone there.

23rd minute - Big test for the Ferns scrum with its new front row...

22nd minute - Wales win the lineout and win a penalty at the maul. Davidson reminds Demant that the Ferns are on a warning from the first half.

Wales win a lineout and maul towards the line, but they're shunted into touch and Kelsey Jones can't ground the ball. Replays show Woodman steals the ball from her hands and takes it into touch, so Wales have a five-metre scrum.

21st minute - Wales shift left and Joyce challenges Woodman out right, but the Ferns star has her covered and Wales will have a lineout. Ngan-Woo and Cocksedge enter the game for NZ.

20th minute - Ferns are penalised at the breakdown and Wales take a quick tap, surging into the 22.

19th minute - Wales kick deep from the kickoff and the wind takes the ball within a few metres of the tryline for an NZ lineout. Ferns win the throw and settle among the forwards, before Demant kicks ahead.

17th minute - TRY to Murray

Solid scrum from NZ, Baylor runs left, but McMenamin goes right, and Murray breaks free from the front row to bust through the defence and score. Demant converts, NZ 46-7

16th minute - Wales look to clear their 22, but Snowsill spills the pass from her halfback and Ferns have an attacking scrum. Du Plessis replaces Brunt in the NZ midfield.

15th minute - Big push from the NZ scrum and Murray steals the ball. Wales have to retreat to cover a long kick.

14th minute - Wales win the lineout, but they're held up in the maul and Demant comes away. Ferns try to break out, but a pass is dropped.

Murray and Connor have come on for Wainohu and Ponsonby in the Ferns front row.

13th minute - Snowsill finds touch near the tryline and Wales have a scoring chance off this lineout.

12th minute - Wales get a second shove at the scrum and win penalty advantage. The ball comes loose and Woodman is away, but called back for the scrum penalty.

11th minute - From the kickoff, Ferns spill the ball outside their 22 for a Wales scrum.

Eighth minute - TRY to Brunt

Ferns win a scrum penalty and take a quick tap. Fitzpatrick offloads to Demant and the ball goes through a few sets of hands, including Demant again, before Brunt scores her second. 

Demant misses her conversion, NZ 39-7

Seventh minute - Good scrum from NZ, but they lose the ball just outside their 22.

Sixth minute - Tui grabs the kickoff, but Wales turn the ball over and rumble to the NZ 22, where they knock on. Teenage prop Taumata replace Kalounivale in the NZ front row.

Fourth minute - TRY to Fitzpatrick

Strong run from Brunt makes the initial break, but the touch pass from Hirini really sets up the try, allowing Woodman to carry within metres of the line. Fitzpatrick looms in support to score. Demant leaves her conversion right, NZ 34-7

Third minute - McMenamin can't handle the kickoff cleanly, but spills the ball behind her and Tui tides up. Woodman and Fitzpatrick make big metres out left, as the Ferns surge over the Wales 22.

First minute - Sarah Hirini enters the game for Alana Bremner, as Demant kicks off the second half.

TRY to Roos

Ferns recover possession and surge to the Wales line, Fitzpatrick making the break and setting the ball for her forwards, with the lock powering over. Demant converts, NZ 29-7


40th minute - Snowsill finds touch near the NZ 22 and Wales win the throw, driving into the 22, playing with advantage. Double blast on the whistle from Davidson, who warns Demant for the number of infringements.

TRY to Ffion Lewis

Snowsill kicks to the corner, as Wales edge down the sideline. Bethan Lewis wins another lineout and Wales have penalty advantage again, but halfback Ffion Lewis is on hand to plunge over.

Snowsill converts and the teams leave the field for halftime, NZ 22-7

39th minute - Better push from the Ferns this time, but Wales have a penalty advantage in midfield for a dangerous tackle from Fitzpatrick.

38th minute - Ferns win their lineout throw, but as they spread the ball right, Tui's pass to Wickliffe drifts forward. Wales have another scrum on the NZ 10.

37th minute - Big scrum from Wales pushes the Ferns off the ball, but NZ win a penalty on their own goal-line and Deman clears her 22.

36th minute - Snowsill finds touch inside the NZ 22 for an attacking lineout. Lewis wins the throw, but Wales are penalised in the maul and Ferns can clear.

35th minute - Wales win a lineout and drive towards the NZ 22, winning a penalty.

34th minute - Lewis feeds the scrum for Wales and their forwards shove forward, winning a penalty. Snowsill kicks ahead, but Tui gathers the bouncing ball and Davidson brings them back for the penalty.

33rd minute - Ferns build phases, but Wainohu drops the ball to end the continuity.

32nd minute - Baylor feeds the scrum and better from the NZ forwards. Demant tests the defence again, but Tui is contained out right.

31st minute - Wales lose the ball behind them and have to start again from their own territory, but they knock on to concede a scrum on their on 10.

30th minute - NZ control the kickoff again, but the ball comes loose in midfield and Wales finally have a chance to attack.

27th minute - TRY to Woodman

NZ have carried for 258 metres and Wales just 25 metres. From the kickoff, Reynolds bursts over halfway and the ball goes left, where Woodman simply brushes through some ineffective tackles to score.

Demant finally slots a conversion, NZ 22-0

25th minute - TRY to Brunt

Ferns forwards reach halfway and NZ have penalty advantage, but Demant sets Woodman loose and when the ball shifts left, Alana Bremner carries strongly, before offloading to Brunt.

Demant is astray with her third conversion, NZ 15-0 

24th minute - Snowsill finds touch outside the NZ 22 and Wales win the lineout. JOnes storms through the line to the 22, but NZ win a clearing penalty and Demant takes the quick tap.

23rd minute - Snowsill kicks off for Wales and McMenamin secures the ball. Demant tries to kick through again, but it's blocked and Wales win a penalty for a deliverate knock-on.

20th minute - TRY to Woodman

Ferns have a knockon advantage, but enter the 22, where Demant breaks the defence and Ponsonby provides the last pass to Woodman, who now has 35 tries in 22 tests. Demant can't find the posts with the conversion, NZ 10-0

19th minute - Woodman takes down the kickoff and Roos rumbles over halfway. Demant kicks across the field to Wickliffe again and Tui takes the next carry.

17th minute - TRY to Bremner

Demant finds touch inside the Wales 22 and the Ferns win a short throw to thelineout. The forwards rumble towards the line, Demant probes and eventually Chelsea Bremner breaks the deadlock.

Without Cocksedge or HOlmes in the line-up, Demant takes the conversion, but hooks it left, NZ 5-0

16th minute - Tui takes Snowsill's long dropout and NZ win advantage for a high tackle.

15th minute - Demant puts a kick across the field for Wickliffe, who has Brunt in support. The Ferns forwards drive over the line, but they're held up.

14th minute - Ferns have a lineout throw just inside the 22, but Robinson isn't happy with the set-up. Ferns win untidily, but drive back over the 22.

13th minute - Tui and Woodman spark a backline move out left, and Demant is with them. Ferns win a penalty on the Wales 10 for offside.

12th minute - Wales clear the scrum and McMenamin almost steals the ball.

11th minute - Demant dummies and keeps the ball. Tui looms out wide and the Ferns enter the Wales half, but Demant's pass off the ground is knocked on near the 22.

10th minute - Tui intercepts a pass out in the backline and the Ferns work the ball towards halfway.

Ninth minute - Wales have an attacking lineout, but the ball is overthrown and the Ferns steal the ball. They try to run it out of their 22 and JOhn rips the ball away for Wales.

Eighth minute - Wales win the lineout and have penalty advantage. They're held up in midfield, so Davidson brings them back for the penalty.

Seventh minute - Good scrum from Wales and they win a penalty. Ferns will need to address that set-piece quickly.

Snowsill kicks to the corner, but barely makes the 22.

Sixth minute - Baylor feeds a midfield scrum and receives the ball back from McMenamin, but Brunt spills a pass out left. Good attacking opportunity for Wales.

Fifth minute - Wales putting phases together outside the 22, but eventually the Ferns forwards get over a breakdown and force a turnover.

Fourth minute - Wales have a lineout throw just outside the Ferns 22 and they win it at the back.

Third minute - Welsh take a quick lineout and win a penalty in midfield. They can leave their half for the first time here...

Second minute - Ferns have the wind at their backs for the first half. Wales feed to the first scrum of the game and they get a good push over the ball.

Snowsill receives the ball and Reynolds at the same time. Baylor takes a high kick for the Ferns and is guided into touch.

First minute - Wales kick off and Roos secures the ball, carrying towards halfway with the forwards right behind her.

Demant kicks through and Brunt gathers, Woodman offloads out wide, but the Welsh clear.

3:11pm - Both teams facing their national anthems, followed by the Black Ferns haka. Perfect conditions in West Auckland today, with Scotland's Hollie Davidson refereeing this match.

Wales taking the haka from their own 10, not moving forward, as Australia did last week.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Rugby World Cup pool clash between hosts New Zealand and Wales at Auckland's Waitakere Stadium.

Both these teams began their tournaments with wins on opening weekend, with the Black Ferns having to dig themselves out of a big hole against Australia and Wales needing a last-ditch penalty to grab the spoils against Scotland.

The NZ women were probably a little overwhelmed by the occasion, played at a soldout Eden Park and a world record crowd for women's rugby. After falling 17-0 down over the opening half hour, they flicked a switch before halftime to run up 41 unanswered points in victory.

Wales are ranked one spot behind the Wallaroos in the world and bring a different style of play to this contest.

Ferns coach Wayne Smith has named a vastly different line-up, with only captain and first-five Ruahei Demant, lock Chelsea Bremner and wing Portia Woodman retaining their starting spots, although wing Ruby Tui will shift from the other wing to fullback for the first time.

Join us at 3:15pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: NZ $1.001, draw $51, Wales $21

Wales: 1-Cara Hope, 2-Kelsey Jones, 3-Donna Rose, 4-Siwan Lillicrap, 5-Natalia John, 6-Gwen Crabb, 7-Bethan Lewis, 8-Sioned Harries. 9-Ffion Lewis, 10-Elinor Snowsill, 11-Lisa Neumann, 12-Hannah Jones, 13-Megan Webb, 14-Jasmine Joyce, 15-Kayleigh Powell

Reserves: 16-Kat Evans, 17-Caryl Thomas, 18-Sisilia Tuipulotu, 19-Abbie Fleming, 20-Alex Callender, 21-Keira Bevan, 22-Robyn Wilkins, 23-Kerin Lake

NZ: 1-Awhina Tangen-Wainohu, 2-Georgia Ponsonby, 3-Tanya Kalounivale, 4-Maia Roos, 5-Chelsea Bremner, 6-Alana Bremner, 7-Kendra Reynolds, 8-Charmaine McMenamin, 9-Ariana Bayler, 10-Ruahei Demant, 11-Portia Woodman, 12-Theresa Fitzpatrick, 13-Sylvia Brunt, 14-Renee Wickliffe, 15-Ruby Tui

Reserves: 16-Luka Connor, 17-Krystal Murray, 18-Santo Taumata, 19-Joanah Ngan-Woo, 20-Sarah Hirini, 21-Kendra Cocksedge, 22-Amy du Plessis, 23-Hazel Tubic


'Literally changed our lives': What Black Ferns supporters mean to Tui

By Alex Powell

As the Black Ferns enjoy an unprecedented wave of support during their home Rugby World Cup campaign, the unwavering backing of their fans isn't lost on star Ruby Tui.

Hosting the tournament for the first time, the defending champions have already set a record for the biggest women's sporting event in New Zealand history, selling out last week's tournament opening day at Eden Park.

New to professionalism, the team have been followed by waves of newfound fans - young and old - as New Zealand has welcomed the women's World Cup with open arms.

Last Saturday, after their opening win over Australia, Tui and her Black Ferns teammates stayed at Eden Park long into the night, meeting fans and signing autographs for every supporter waiting to meet their new heroes.

For Tui, 30, who's enjoyed success with the Olympic and former world champion Black Fern Sevens, before switching to 15s for the World Cup, every bit of support represents the growth of the women's game.

As long as there are fans wanting to meet her and her teammates, Tui is sure to oblige.

"We never used to have support, people knowing my name, sending me pictures of my cat," Tui said.

"I went to go into a bookstore to get my book. There was this little girl, when I walked in she straight away recognised me.

"She already had my book in my hand and was like 'woah'. I slipped some tickets into a book for a competition, got to the game, that same girl was standing there with the book.

Ruby Tui poses with a fan at Eden Park
Ruby Tui poses with a fan at Eden Park. Photo credit: Photosport

"She knew everything about our team, she was like nine years old. It's emotional, because the growth of the game is that tangible, it's that significant.

"Anyone who comes down, if I sign one autograph, that's one more person that's coming to support us. It means so much to us.

"Those people mean so much to our team. They've literally changed our lives.

"We're professional athletes, we live a dream life. Any support is unreal."

Up next, the Black Ferns face Wales at Auckland's Waitakere Stadium on Sunday, as their second match of the tournament.

Coach Wayne Smith has sprung several changes to the side that took the field against Australia, with 11 newcomers to the starting XV.

Tui is one survivor, albeit in a different position, switching from the wing to fullback, as part of a newlook back three alongside former sevens teammate Portia Woodman and Renee Wickliffe -  a veteran of three previous World Cups.

With a positional switch on the cards, Tui embraces the challenge of something different - in her own way.

"I better be a good fullback and not full of it," Tui joked. "It's exciting.

"Smithy coaches an exciting style of footy. We've all grown so much in the last six months as players.

"My eyes are lighting up at the opportunity, to be honest. It's obviously my first start there, but the cool thing is I've got the young one [Wickliffe] on my right wing and a really good friend of mine [Woodman] on the left.

"We've already got really solid connections there. Fullback's all about reading the game.

"I feel like I've got six eyes to help me out. We'll talk after the game."