Kiwi ingenuity comes up with fun farm invention

  • 18/09/2018

The Southland farmer behind a novel way to transport sick and orphaned lambs, has come up with another fun farm invention.

Bradley Stewart, who farms at Wreys Bush, near Winton has been using the 'Lambulance' as a safe way to rescue needy lambs.

The 'Lambulance'
The 'Lambulance' Photo credit: Bradley Stewart

Now he has invented The 'Lambster Wheel'.

He says the wheel is a fun way to keep lambs entertained when they are in the shed.

"I raise up to 300 orphan lambs and, even when they can run out in the pasture, they will still spend lots of time in the shed either eating, playing or snoozing in the sun."

"They appreciated the ramps to run around on so I thought the lambs might like a wheel," he said.

Mr Stewart used some old-fashioned Kiwi ingenuity for the 'Lambster Wheel'.

"It was fashioned by me from some stuff lying around like a front wheel stub assembly from an 80s era Lancer, and part of an old ewe mothering pen, plus a bit of welding and fabrication .... the rest is history," he said.

With the 'Lambulance' and the 'Lambster Wheel' a hit, Mr Stewart is already looking at some new farm inventions for next season.