Milestone for M bovis team

The response recovery team fighting the outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis is marking a welcome milestone.

For the first time since the response began, the number of farms that have had their infected property (IP) status revoked (38) has overtaken the total number of currently active IPs (37). 

"While we will likely find more new IPs, the current tilt in IP numbers is a welcome milestone for our team as we carry on with testing of the traced farms," a statement from the from Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said.

A dairy farm in Otago is the latest to be confirmed as infected. The farm is connected to previously known IPs through animal movements, and MPI said tracing work from this farm is now underway.

Two more farms, one in Canterbury and one in Hawke's Bay, have had their IP status revoked.

After their infected stock was depopulated, the farms completed their 60-day stand-down period, during which they were cleaned and disinfected. 

The response recovery team is now assisting the farm with returning to normal operation.

The the next step in the phased eradication of M bovis is now underway with a survey of around 200 calf rearing properties across the country. MPI has been contacting owners of the selected calf rearing properties this and last week.

Milestone for M bovis team
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Latest information on Mycoplasma bovis and the Response - MPI M. bovis website

General questions on M. bovis - call 0800 008 333 or email

Compensation information - call 04 894 0055 or email

Direct farmer support (Rural Support Trust) - 0800 787 254

To report a pest or disease (Exotic Pest and Disease Hotline) - 0800 809 966