High tech tractor showcased at consumer show

Cutting edge technology for farms has been showcased at an international consumer show, with a massive agricultural combine and GPS-guided tractor. 

Farm equipment maker John Deere made its first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas aiming to highlight the importance of tech in farming. 

The tractor, which weighs 20 tonne, uses GPS, lasers, computer vision, and uses machine learning and sensors to be more efficient. 

The machines are guided by enhanced GPS data which is accurate to  2.5cm  compared with 3 metres for conventional GPS, reported VOA news. 

As they work the fields, the machines gather data about soil conditions and monitor how corn and other crops are being harvested to reduce waste and improve efficiency. 

"We want consumers to understand how food is grown," Deere marketing executive Deanna Kovar told VOA. 

"Not only is this machine harvesting the grain, it's harvesting the data, which helps farmers make decisions for next year." 

The tractor and combine sells for $500,000 USD.