Push for farming theme in Air New Zealand's next safety video

There's growing support for the new Air New Zealand safety video to have a farming theme.

The airline dumped its widely derided 'It's Kiwi Safety rap video' and is now looking at ideas for a replacement.

NZ Farming's Duncan Humm told Magic Talk's Rural Exchange the idea of having a rural theme would make sense.

"When you think about all the synergies between tourism and farming and animals, it's almost a no-brainer," he said.

He said the farming community has been getting on board with the concept through the NZ Farming Instagram account, sending in interesting ideas.

"Air New Zealand have a marvellous team, and would be only limited by our imagination. They have the capabilities for whatever we could dream up," said Mr Humm.

Some ideas include using a tractor to show safety belt procedures, and a herd of cows heading off in different directions to show plane emergency exits.

"The video could show not just safety, but also the people and places of New Zealand.

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