Finnish woman 'objectified' by Kiwi farmers no longer coming to New Zealand

A backpacker living in Australia who received inappropriate remarks after asking for farming work in New Zealand has decided not to cross the ditch.

In mid-February, the NZ Farming page on Facebook posted a photo of Finnish backpacker Mari Vähänen, who was looking for work in New Zealand as her Australian visa was about to expire.

Unfortunately, the post got more than just job offers among the 1800 comments.

Several men joked that they'd "decided to buy a farm" so they could employ Ms Vähänen, and made other sexual remarks.

"You'll get ploughed more than a paddock," one distasteful remark read.

She initially said she intended to arrive in New Zealand this week, but the 28-year-old now won't be making the trip across the Tasman.

"I'm staying in Australia for now," she told Newshub. "I got my visa sorted, so I don't have to leave the country."

At the time of the original Facebook post, Ms Vähänen said she was overwhelmed by the response, and had received over 50 legitimate offers of work.

But she won't be taking up any offers, and says she doesn't know if she'll ever travel to New Zealand.