'Kia kaha New Zealand': Farmer ploughs giant message for Christchurch on hillside

A South Canterbury farmer has ploughed a giant message of support into the side of a hill for Christchurch and the victims of the mosque shootings.

Images of the huge #KIAKAHANZ plowed by farmer Oscar Talbot on his Waitohi farm have been shared around the world, after he posted them on social media.

The photo was posted with the message: "This is our land. This is your land. #kiakahanz please share this message to show your support."

He told Rural Today host Dominic George that it was a way he could send his message of love after the tragedy.

The giant message was a way to show to support for Christchurch.
The giant message was a way to show to support for Christchurch. Photo credit: Wairangi Farms

"I have had a lot to do with Christchurch over the years; I went to high school and university there, and got to know the place and community," he said.

He said he was unable to travel to Christchurch for the public events, so it was a way of showing he was thinking of those affected.

"I was driving down the road in my machine and the idea just popped into my head, " said Talbot.

The message took an afternoon of work, and he said he was happy with how it turned out.

"It came out  alot better than I expected."

He used technology in his tractor along with a drone to help him get the message done.

"In the machine we have computer screens with GPS, and had the drone up the whole time so I could see where I had been and how the letters were coming out."

Oscar Talbot said the feedback had been amazing.

"I've had a lot of nice support, it's so cool to get so many different people who have supported the idea - whether here or overseas."

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