Watch: Whanganui calf Gingerbread Girl acquires unlikely taste for V energy drink

Chloe Payne is a dairy farmer, and loves cows more than she loves anything.

The 21-year-old Little Whanganui local is a proud mother to six cows, but discovered on Monday that one of her calves shares a similar interest to her - a love of the energy drink V.

Payne was visiting Gingerbread Girl, a half-jersey half-Ayrshire calf, when it became curious about what Ms Payne was drinking.

"She was trying to suck the bottle, so I tried pouring it into her mouth."

In a video posted to Payne's Instagram, Gingerbread Girl can be seen licking the spilt energy drink off her nose, keen to lap up every drop.

"As soon as she tasted it, she got excited and started licking it off her nose," she said.

"She kept trying to get more afterwards. That was the first time I'd given it to her, but I'm sure she'll expect more when I see her next."

Ms Payne said Gingerbread Girl showed no reaction to the caffeine in the beverage.