Kiwi 'vegan milk' company gains A-lister fans

A New Zealand vegan milk company has gained some high profile fans after being chosen to showcase its products at an international innovation conference.

Milk 2.0 started production last year, and was launched by Russian expat Kristina Ivanova and partner Ankit Sehgal.

The start-up was selected to showcase their product at the Food Trends Lab section at the annual Ted-Talks event in Vancouver this month.

It was one of only six world-wide to be chosen, and the only one from New Zealand.

Kristina Ivanova told Rural Today's Dominic George that actress Mila Kunis and her actor husband, Ashton Kutcher were among those to sample the product.

"It was initially just a casual chat, she was just trying different products across the food lab, and she tried the milk and really liked it," she said.

"We talked about the business and whether the product would be available in North America."

Ivanova said the actress returned with husband, Ashton Kutcher.

"They came back, and they took a second sample, they were really interested."

She said the high profile couple spent around 45 minutes finding out about the product and the company, and were keen to know if it would be available in North America.

Milk 2.0 was launched with the help of crowdfunding.
Milk 2.0 was launched with the help of crowdfunding. Photo credit: Supplied

"Mila also came back after the event and was drinking coffee, so wanted more of our product for her coffee."

Meanwhile the couple say they don't see themselves as a competitor to the dairy industry.

"We are not against dairy, as we are just providing an alternative in plant based milk."

"We want to prove another option for those people who can't have or don't want dairy".