Crop expert shares tips for bumper harvests

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  • 15/05/2019
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A New Zealand crop expert says farmers can boost yields by planting early for winter, and using seed treatments.

Some farmers are already planting cereal crops, something technical manager for crop solutions company BASF, Grant Hegarty said was a wise move.

He told Magic Talk's Rural Exchange that early plantings are vital for a good crop.

"It puts the crop in the ground for a longer period of time, and sets it up for spring," he said.

"It gives it a longer time to prepare for flowering and grain production, so a longer cycle crop will yield higher," said Hegarty.

He said seed treatments also play a critical part in the growth of crops.

"Seed treatments allow the crops to establish, while preventing as many pests and pathogens as possible."

He said it also made good economic sense.

"It's a very cost effective way of treating your crops without spraying them over the top with a spray boom."

Watch Grant Hegarty's full interview with Rural Exchange.

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