Thieves target avocado orchards, as prices sky-rocket

As avocado prices hit top dollar, the fruit has become ripe for the stealing by thieves.

Avocados are in short supply, as they are not in season. 

That's seen prices sky-rocket, including as high as $12.50 at one Auckland retailer.

Police in Gisborne say there have a number of avocado thefts in the district in the last month.

Senior Sergeant Alasdair MacMillan told Newshub that anyone offered the fruit should steer clear.

"By purchasing or on-selling any stolen avocados, it only encourages thefts to continue," he said. 

"We would encourage people to support their local orchardists and fellow business owners and not purchase stolen goods."

Police are also advising growers to get contact police immediately if they discover any thefts of their produce. 

However, the avocado thieves may be left disappointed with their haul.

An avocado grower told the Gisborne Herald that a lot of the avocados being stolen now were new season and would be watery to eat.

Meanwhile, avocado lovers can look forward to more affordable fruit soon, with the new season fruit hitting shops from June.