Meet Jenny and Craig: Two obese kunekune pigs

The SPCA says they had to remove two obese kunekune pigs from a property to get them back to a healthy weight range.

Overfeeding is as big a form of neglect as underfeeding, but the SPCA says the case of pigs Jenny and Craig was an extreme one.

The pair are used to life on a diet of baking off-cuts, strawberry rolls and breads and buns. But these two pigs got way too porky. 

"Craig's belly was dragging on the ground and he was stepping on it with his back feet when he was trying to walk," says SPCA chief inspector Jamie Hancock.

They are too fat to weigh, with no scales up to the task. They're well over 100kgs each.

Craig can barely move - the fat rolls are so heavy he can't see out his eyes.

The SPCA rescued the friendly fat swines and took them into foster care, but Craig and Jenny didn't want to go. In fact, it took six SPCA workers an hour to get them onto the truck.

It was only the lure of a raspberry bun that got Craig up.

Little do the fatties know they're on the road to the biggest diet of their lives forced to live on grass and pig nuts.

Initially, they were a little disgruntled.

"Craig was especially grumpy, he was quite grumpy for the first week or two, I'm guessing he was going through a bit of a sugar detox, he wasn't very happy about life," said Hancock.

Overfeeding is a widespread welfare issue as owners kill their pets with kindness.

"I think people just love their animals to death, and dogs especially, you know they look at you with those big puppy dog eyes," said Hancock.

Jenny and Craig are ever so slowly losing their bacon. Regular daily check-ups making sure they're happy as pigs in shrinking bodies.