Watch: Whangarei farmer launches 'milk and cookie' challenge

A Whangarei farmer is causing a stir on social media, after posting what he hopes will become a new craze for New Zealand dairy farmers.

Mihaka Hemi Beckham posted a video of himself in the milking shed, eating a biscuit while squirting milk into his mouth straight from the teat of a cow.

He called it the '#milkandcookie challenge' and hoped other farmers would follow suit with similar videos.

Beckham told Newshub that the video was just a bit of fun and he had been surprised at the response to what he intended to be a joke between dairy farmers.

Most people are seeing the funny side of the social media post.
Most people are seeing the funny side of the social media post. Photo credit: Facebook

The post has been shared hundreds of times, with thousands of comments and challenges to farmers across the country.

"Can't get any fresher than that," said one. "Now that is a very clever interpretation of ' fresh' milk & cookies', " posted another.

However some were concerned at the health implications of drinking raw milk, which can carry disease-causing bacteria.

"I like my milk pasteurised, thanks."

MPI advises on its website that raw unpasteurised milk from any animal could be contaminated with illness-causing bacteria including shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC), Listeria and Campylobacter. 

Watch the video.