Police issue summer security reminder to farmers

Police say summer is an opportune time for thieves in rural areas.
Police say summer is an opportune time for thieves in rural areas. Photo credit: Supplied

A spate of burglaries in rural Southland has prompted a security reminder for farmers from police who say summer is a popular time for thieves to strike.

Invercargill police prevention coordinator Sergeant Scott McConachie said with the increase in daylight hours and farmers tied up with calving, lambing and milking it is an opportune time for criminals to take advantage.

"It is important that members of our community look out for one another, and let the police know if anything or anyone looks out of place," he said.

"Importantly, we ask residents to not put themselves in danger or take the law into their own hands if confronted by offenders - but to instead contact police."

He said rural residents could help support each other, and local police, by taking preventative measures including:

• Keeping an eye on each other's property.

• Letting your neighbours know when you are away and when you will be back.

• Taking note of who's in town and chatting to them.

• Note down registration numbers of suspicious vehicles and descriptions of suspicious people, and let us know.

• Locking your house and sheds.

• Removing keys.

• Keeping a detailed record of household and business equipment, including model and serial numbers, inscriptions, and other identifying features.

• Closing access gates (particularly to your driveway/house).

Sergeant McConachie said it was also important to report all instances of suspicious behaviour or crime to police at the time it is occurring.

"You can contact Police by 105 for non-emergency matters and 111 for emergencies, or phone 0800 555 111 to pass on anonymous information to Crimestoppers."