Scottish farmer makes 860km trip to be reunited with 'special' pet lamb

Melanie MacLean managed to track down Norman.
Melanie MacLean managed to track down Norman. Photo credit: Facebook/Melanie MacLean

A Scottish farmer has made an 860-kilometre round trip to rescue a pet lamb, after regretting selling the 'special' lamb she called Norman.

Melanie MacLean and her husband have a small farm in Benbecula the Western Isles.

MacLean got attached to Norman the Suffolk lamb after providing him with round-the-clock care and bottle feeding him by hand.

However, when she regretted her decision to sell Norman at a local sale yard, she managed to track him down to a farm in Aberdeenshire and made the long trip to find him.

"Jim Fowlie from Essie Suffolk's took me into this vast field intending to drop me off at the top end to sweep it shouting 'Norman' for a few hours," she explained in a Facebook post.

She said less than a minute later she spotted a Suffolk lamb with the same button ear tags she uses.

"I asked Jim to stop and I put my pink croft hat on and stepped out on the pickup. I was about to shout out but this wee lamb saw me and came running like a bullet... it was Norman."

MacLean said Norman then followed her back to the gate where her pickup and trailer was. 

"I have to confess I was in tears. I've have reluctantly sold on several bottle-fed lambs before but I really struggled letting Norman go. "

"He's now back in Aird to live his life out with us and keep our ram company."