Nelson's Rambro the Angry Ram dies

Rambro's  became an internet sensation around the world.
Rambro's became an internet sensation around the world. Photo credit: Facebook/Angry Ram

A semi-feral Nelson sheep which became a global internet sensation has died from old age.

Marty Todd's sheep Rambro became famous online in the 'Angry Ram' videos, which captured the capers of the hard-charging ram on Todd's rural Nelson property.

The YouTube clips have been viewed by millions of people around the world.

However on a Facebook post, Todd announced the famous ram had passed away.

"Rest easy old buddy," he said. "Rambro has finally succumbed to old age, he will be sadly missed."

A poignant video showed Todd saying goodbye to the ram before burying him in an area of his rural property.

Fans have also mourned the loss of the YouTube star, leaving messages paying tribute.

"Rambro is gone, but the scars he left shall remain," said one.

"That ram had more personality than many humans. Sad he's gone."

"My condolences and godspeed to one of the coolest internet personas ever."

"He probably rammed St. Peter at the pearly gates."

Todd reportedly acquired Rambro from a sheep farmer who planned on killing the semi-feral sheep due to its elevated aggression.