Farmers' wives reveal hilarious Valentine's Day bouquets

New Zealand farmers have been showing their romantic side for Valentine's Day, although many have substituted red roses for hand-made bouquets from the paddock.

In a post on Facebook page, NZ Farming, wives and partners of farmers have been sharing photos of their bouquets.

"Lovingly picked for Valentines while he was out spraying, it takes a special woman to be a farmers' wife," said one.

A photo showed a bouquet made up of foliage from farm trees and thistle weed flowers.

Many were impressed with the effort.

"That is very romantic!  Finding beauty in simple and inexpensive things! He's a romantic and thoughtful guy! This shows he's thinking of you! Very nice," said one.

"I think they look great, I currently have some roadside weeds in vases."

Meanwhile, others shared their Valentine's Day bouquets, including one made up of root crop fodder beet.

"Well, at least you didn't get a bunch of thistles," said one person.

One farmer made an extra effort, using coloured paint usually used to identify cows, to paint a bunch of ragwort pasture weed.

Some examples of Valentines Day bouquets made by New Zealand farmers.
Some examples of Valentines Day bouquets made by New Zealand farmers. Photo credit: Facebook/NZ Farming

"You must feel so-ripped off, there's no giant buttercup in there," joked another.

Despite the less than traditional bouquets, most people agreed the bouquets were still just as romantic.

"I'd be swept off my feet with that bouquet. So romantic and funny."