Coronavirus: Taranaki farmer makes giant hay bale teddy for 'Ted in the window' campaign

The social-distanced scavenger hunt is sweeping the globe.
The social-distanced scavenger hunt is sweeping the globe. Photo credit: Facebook/Federated Farmes

A Taranaki farmer has created a giant hay bale teddy bear as part of the international 'Ted in the Window' campaign.

The campaign which has been sweeping the globe, aims to entertain childen during the COVID-19 restrictions by giving them something to look out for in their neighbourhood on a social-distanced scavenger hunt. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden this week suggested it would be acceptable for children to try to spot teddy bears on the windows during walks in their local neighborhood.

"They might look for teddy bears in windows but as they pass people, keep your distance, don't talk to others, just stay within your bubble," said Ardern

"And if you're in Wellington and you're walking in a local neighbourhood, you might see one in my window."

Taranaki farmer, Bruce Nickel has shared a photo online of his own version, a huge teddy bear made from hay bales.

While some commented on Facebook that people shouldn't make a special trip to see the huge hay creation in the current COVID-19 lockdown, Nickel said there was no need to worry.

"Don't panic people Big Ted will be in the paddock all year."