Kiwi avocado milk hits US market, wins global innovation award

The milk is made in Hawke's Bay.
The milk is made in Hawke's Bay. Photo credit: Getty

A New Zealand-made avocado milk has been named among the winners at the global awards for food innovation in the UK.

The milk is sold across 100 stores in the United States and is the brainchild of New Zealand celebrity chef, Sachie Nomura.

Nomura also owns Auckland cooking school Sachie's Kitchen.

At the annual World Food Innovation Awards in London on Thursday night, the avocado milk was named the winner in the best Health or Wellness Drink category.

The avocado milk is believed to be the first in the world and is made in Hawke's Bay from avocados and oat milk.

"It looks like avocado, it tastes like avocado, it is good for you like avocado, you don't have to wait for it to get ripe to eat, it doesn't go brown and yucky if you leave it too long," said Nomura on her website.

NZME reported that sales were expected to surpass $1 million within the next six months, after hitting shelves in the US in November.

Nomura said while the avocado milk was not available in New Zealand, there were plans to launch a dairy version.

"The product is 100 percent plant-based right now, but we certainly think with New Zealand having a really strong dairy heritage there's an opportunity to make a dairy version of avocado milk - ice cream avocado milk, yoghurt avocado milk," Nomura told NZME.