Coronavirus: Naked Otago farmer a hit during COVID-19 lockdown

An Otago farmer is keeping people smiling during the COVID-19 lockdown, posting photos of him posing nude on his farm to social media.

Archie Kennedy stripped off on his 740ha sheep and beef property near Palmerston on the first day of the lockdown.

He told The Project it felt so good, he asked his wife Lucy to take a photograph.

He uploaded the snaps to Facebook and said his mates wanted more, so he decided to do a naked farmer post every day of lockdown.

"As I am the photographer, I am quite careful with the angles and the closeness of the shots," said Lucy Kennedy.

"He just loves to make people laugh."

Archie told The Project that he was able to do most farm jobs in the nude.

"Drenching and working with the cows are pretty good, but you just have to be careful jumping over the electric fence."

While the farmer is keeping people entertained through the lockdown, he has his sights set on another nude goal, a naked shearing record.

"The current number is zero, so I don't have to do a huge amount."

Watch the video.