How humble Wairarapa farmer Bruce McKenzie almost missed his Queen's Birthday Honour

A humble Wairarapa farmer who passed off his Queen's Birthday Honour as a hoax email is now planning a big barnyard bash to celebrate

Bruce McKenzie's being recognised for his services to the cattle industry. He's led the way in genetic development across the primary sector by improving the quality of the country's herd and even introducing new cattle breeds like Speckle Park.

McKenzie says he did it because cattle were getting "a bit too small".

"I decided we need to go for a bit more size, a bit more frame and we're being paid for weight," he told Newshub.

The family is organising a party for this weekend. But because of the secrecy around the honours list - those invited will have only found out on Monday what they'll be celebrating.

His son Mark says they just had to "make up an excuse" to get people to attend. 

When the party's over Bruce will have to trade the gumboots for a suit and tie.

"I thought the next time I'd probably wear it would be at my own funeral," he told Newshub through laughter.

He'll be lining up to receive his Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit honour.

He's hoping he'll cross paths with former All Black captain Kieran Read who's also getting a Queen's Birthday gong - and Bruce says he has some serious questions. 

"Well, I'm going to ask him what went wrong with the World Cup [that] would be the first question."

The next question is how the next generation of the McKenzie's can continue Bruce's legacy.