Sheep and dog best friends escape home, find online fame

A sheep and a dog who are best friends managed to escape their home and go into town for an outing.

Graham the lamb and Charles the dog live with Gareth Richards in Onemana in the Coromandel.

"Charles is Charles. I think that's what happens when you name a working dog Charles. He is very Charles-like. He's quite, sort of, inverted," he said.

And his friendship with Graham is as Kiwi as it gets.

"And Graham just brings the noise all day, every day, bringing Charles out of his shell I think."

The pair come by the shed every milking. Charles gets a bowl of milk and Graham gets his bottle. They both also sleep in the same kennel.

But on Tuesday, the friends bolted three kilometres into town in search of freedom.

Tricia Dickey-McLean saw the pair and opened her car door, and they jumped right in. She then posted a photo online of the two in her car.

"I was shocked. I had people from the States going crazy over it. Just goes to show everyone can be friends," she said.

As a result of the post, Richards contacted Dickey-McLean and the runaways were sent home.

"It could be a bit of a bromance. Even though Graham is a bit younger I think he quite fancies Charles," he said.

A friendship that'll keep Graham from the usual fate of a Kiwi lamb at this time of year.