Cows on the loose cause a stir in Auckland

The cows were found on Wednesday morning.
The cows were found on Wednesday morning. Photo credit: Annette Griffin

A pair of cows on the loose caused a stir in Auckland on Wednesday morning.

Local resident Annette Griffin took to an online community group to track down the owner after coming across the animals in a residential part of Waimauku.

"Anyone missing TWO cows?!?" Griffin wrote on Facebook.

"I think [they've] come from a farm on Muriwai Road."

Griffin told Newshub the cows were found on Solan Drive, and had most probably got there by passing through a "rickety fence" from a farm that backs on to the area.

She said it was the second or third time such a thing had happened in her roughly one year living in the area, and because she didn't have the farmer's number she couldn't contact the owner directly.

However, because "somebody always knows somebody", she found by posting in the local community Facebook group word always spread.

Cows on the loose cause a stir in Auckland
Photo credit: Annette Griffin

Despite their wandering ways, the cows looked well looked after and "it was kind of nice to see", Griffin added.

She said the cows were now back on the farm after some neighbours "managed to herd them into a gate at the top of the hill".

A spokesperson for Auckland Council said anyone who finds wandering or missing livestock could report it by calling 09 301 0101.