Assisted Dying: Both sides of the debate

Assisted Dying: Both sides of the debate

Do you ever stop to think about how your life might end?

It's not something most of us want to dwell on but it's important because we are all being asked if we want to change the law so doctors can help us die if we have "a terminal illness or irreversible condition which makes life unbearable".

For Niki Hibbert, that question as to how her life might end has come sooner than she wanted.

The 50-year-old mother-of-three is living with aggressive breast cancer and was told 16 months ago, she would only have two or three years left.

Ms Hibbert can feel her tumours growing painfully by the day and her bones ache from chemotherapy.

You might think she would be among those calling for assisted dying – but she isn't.

Story looks at both sides of the debate and through the eyes of two people who understand it most.

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