Do creative and crazy go hand in hand?

Do creative and crazy go hand in hand?

When it comes to stereotypes, the idea creative people are also a bit crazy is a persistent one.

We can all think of at least one example of an eccentric genius.

But is it true that art and madness go together?

At this year's Auckland Writers Festival, that's the topic being discussed by two of the world's most famous authors.

Psychotherapist and writer Susie Orbach and her wife, celebrated British writer, Jeanette Winterson will be discussing creativity and craziness.

In 2008, Ms Winterson tried to gas herself after he entire past caught up with her.

"I've always been able to run ahead of the fire and then the flames were right behind me and they were engulfing me."

The writer of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Ms Winterson lost her ability to write when she couldn't stop a voice in her head.

Their relationship is built on much more than just therapy and Ms Winterson had to reinvent herself. She says love and work keep her sane now.

But do the two writers believe the two traits of madness and art have to go together?

Story went to find out.

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