William Waiirua takes a cold plunge in an ice bath

Ice baths are the latest in fitness trends with those who take part listing big health benefits both mentally and physically. 

Phil Cui, Icemunity guru told AM it's apractice in discipline, putting yourself in a “controlled stressful environment” and learning to push through.

Ice baths reduce inflammation, support immunity and relieve mental stresses leaving those who try it energised, refreshed and more physically fit.

William Waiirua went down to see if these benefits are worth the cold plunge. 

He joined the Icemunity group on their cold therapy experience where he made a splash, jumping straight into the very cold ice bath. 

Waiirua struggled to fully submerge himself at first saying “One foot is enough.” 

As he got lower and lower into the ice bath things took a turn for the worst.

“When it gets towards the crotch area that's when it's really going to hurt.” 

It took a while to adjust at first but with some advice from coach Cui he was able to get his breathing under control and stick it out for a little longer. 

Although Waiirua may have only stayed put in the ice bath for 40 seconds, prolonged and consistent use of this cold therapy is supposed to have long term positive effects.