Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, Third T20

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New Zealand 212/4 (Munro 72, Seifert 43 Yadav 2/26, Kumar 1/37)

India 208/6 (K Pandya 25, Karthik 32)

Blackcaps win by four runs. 

That's all from me, stay tuned for the match report. 

20th over: Southee to bowl.

Dot ball.

13 needed off two.

Two off the first ball, 14 needed. 

Great over from Southee, held his nerve nicely! 

Six to finish the game from Karthik. 

19th over: Kuggeleijn to bowl.

A huge six from Karthik, too short from Kuggeleijn and Karthik hits if over square for six. 

Single off the fourth ball. 

Great slower ball from Kuggeleijn that goes for a dot ball. 

A huge six to end the over for Pandya, to make the last over that much more interesting. In the slot - six more over the bowler. 

18th over: Southee to bowl.

A fantastic shot from Panda, short and outside off and Pandya hits it through the line for six over the covers.

A big inside edge and it runs away for four. 

Full and outside off from Southee and Pandya leans back and smacks it through the covers for four! Huge over here. 

Great yorker from Southee and the single gets Karthik on strike. 

Three singles off the last three, 18 from the over. 

17th over: Tickner to bowl.

 SIX more from Karthik, overpitched and dispatched over the covers. 

16th over: Mitchell to bowl.

WICKET! That could be it, Dhoni tries to clear the boundary but it goes too high, Southee takes the catch. Dhoni c Southee b Mitchell 2.

Six runs! A short ball from Mitchell and it goes the distance. Over square leg. 

15th over: Kuggeleijn to bowl. 

Four singles to start the over. 

WICKET! The bat flies out of Pandya's hand and the ball flies straight to the captain and he takes another catch. Pandya c Williamson b Kuggeleijn 21. 

Great over from Kuggeleijn. Four off it. 

14th over: Mitchell to bowl.

Just a single from Pandya, you would think Sharma needs to have a go now. 

Four runs, low full toss on Pandya's pads and he flicks it past the diving arms of Bracewell. 

Six more! Pandya picks the slower ball and hits it down the ground for six, back over Mitchell's head.

WICKET! Rohit Sharma is caught not moving his feet and slashes at a wide one and it carries through to the keeper. Sharma c Seifert b Mitchell 38. 

13th over: Tickner to continue. 

Another single from Sharma. Swinging a lot harder now, good pressure from NZ.

WICKET! Pant drags one from outside off to mid wicket and the captain  takes a great catch. Pant c Williamson b Tickner 28. 

Short ball first up for Pandya and he puts Tickner over the fence, A great shot over mid wicket for six.

A single from Pandya to end the over. 

12th over: Mitchell to bowl.

Single from Sharma, great batting.

10 balls without a boundary for India, great work for NZ. 

Five singles from the over. Great work from Mitchell. 

11th over: Tickner to bowl.

Another single from Sharma, great batting - feed the strike for Pant. 

Two more from Pant, as he continues his dominance of the Kiwi attack. 

Glorious from Sharma, a nice cover drive but it is cut off for two.

A single to finish the over for Sharma.

10th over: Sodhi to bowl.

A single from Sharma. 

Wide from Sodhi. 

Six from Pant! Wow he can bat. A great shot down the ground over long off. 

Good single from the two Indians. Big over here. 

Just singles from Sharma, great cricket. 

Another six from Pant! over mid off again, India in control at the moment. 

9th over: Santner to bowl.

Another very good shot from Shankar, lofted drive for four over covers.

WICKET! Shankar goes for another six over the leg side and de Grandhomme takes a good catch. Shankar c de Grandhomme b Santner 43. 

A single into the off side for Sharma.

Four runs from Pant, a great sweep into the leg side.

Six more from Pant! Huge over mid wicket. 

8th over: Sodhi to bowl.

Just singles for India now, good bowling from the Kiwis.

Just outside off and Shankar picks it up and spanks it into the crowd. Six more.

Another one! this is bigger, over mid wicket - wow that's big. 

7th over: Santner to bowl.

Just singles to start the over, good bowling. 

Just four off the over, very good from Santner.

6th over: Kuggeleijn to bowl.

Over long off, one bounce for four - too short from Kuggeleijn.

A leading edge from Sharma, good ball and it flies away for two.

A single to finish the over. 

5th over: Southee to bowl.

Single for Shankar, down to long on.

Another single, good bowling from Southee here. 

Shankar can't seem to get one straight enough to go for four, just singles.

Great shot from Sharma, he comes down the pitch and smacks Southee for four through the covers. 

Great cricket from Sharma, a late cut for four through the slip region. 

4th over: Tickner to bowl.

Here he is, on debut.

First ball goes for a single on the leg side. 

Very good areas from Tickner, good start. 

Two runs after a flick into the leg side. 

Wide from Tickner, too short. 

One bounce four, third man was up and Shankar slashes at one. It takes the edge and flies away for four. 

Single off the last. 

3rd over: Kuggeleijn to bowl. 

Three singles to start the over. 

Four runs for Shankra, bad line for Kuggeleijn and he just helps it on its way for four. 

Another four from Shankar, 11 off the over. 

2nd over: Southee to bowl.

Sharma runs one down to third man for a single. 

Shankar gets a single to get off the mark.

Lovely bowling from Southee, yorkers on the money. 

Little edge from Sharma and it runs away for four. 

Single from Sharma to end the over. 

1st over: Santner to bowl the first. 

Too short from Santner and it's four more, through covers! Great shot from Dhawan. 

A single from Dhawan.

Sharma is off the mark with a single.

WICKET! Dhawan picks out the man of the leg side, a great catch from Mitchell running in from the boundary. Dhawan 5 c Mitchell b Santner 5.

Four wides! bad ball from Santner.

11 off the over. 

20th over: Ahmed to bowl the last. 

SIX from Taylor, a great start to the over from Taylor, a short ball pulled away, six more.

A charge from Taylor and he misses a full one. 

No timing from Taylor, just the one from Taylor.  

Another full toss from Ahmed, no timing from Mitchell, just the single. 

Four runs to end the innings for Taylor, short and swiped away for four. 

19th over: Kumar to bowl.

Mitchell works a single into the leg side. 

WICKET! de Grandhomme goes to the off side and Kumar follows him, he gets a thin outside edge through to Dhoni who makes no mistake. de Grandhomme c Dhoni b Kumar 30.

Two runs for Taylor to get off the mark.

Single from Taylor.

Another bit of luck, top edge from Mitchell and it lands in the gap and goes for four. 

18th over: H Pandya to bowl.

de Grandhomme is dropped, diving catch to their right in the covers and Rohit Sharma can't hold on.

Just missed the yorker and Mitchell flicks it through mid wicket for four. 

Mitchell gets a single down the ground. 

de Grandhomme goes for the pull shot but it is skied, Shankar tries to pull off the hail mary dive but can't grab it. Three runs. 

Single from Mitchell. 

17th over: Kumar to return.

Kumar misses his length, de Grandhomme smashed it for four, through the off side. 

Four more! over point, third man is up and thats four. 

Full toss on de Grandhomme's pads and it goes for one. 

Yorker, on the money - single from Mitchell. 

Low full toss from Kumar and de Grandhomme can only work it for a single. 

Too full, and Mitchell holds the pose, nice drive for four. 

16th over: K Pandya to bowl.

Mitchell works a leg side ball away for one. 

Six more from de Grandhomme, on leg stump and it goes over mid wicket for six.

Wide from Pandya. 

Two runs from de Grandhomme, lofted shot over covers. 

Four runs for de Grandhomme, a lofted shot over the covers again but it squirts off the edge and runs away for four. 

Another wide. 

Single off the last from de Grandhomme.

15th over: Ahmed to bowl.

Back of a length outside off and Williamson if on the back dog in a flurry, four more through the covers. 

Two more from Williamson. 

Full and wide from Ahmed, and Williamson waits for it and smacks it for four, same area as the last one. 

WICKET! A short ball and Williamson mistimes it down short fine legs throat. Williamson c Yadav b Ahmed 27. 

MItchell gets one off his first ball. 

14th over: Yadav to continue. 

WICKET! Munro skies another one, this time it's H Pandya who is under it and makes no mistake. Munro c H Pandya b Yadav 72. 

Williamson gets a single. 

de Grandhomme has a go and gets the outside edge for two. 

Single from de Grandhomme.

Single from Williamson to finish the over. 

13th over: H Pandya to bowl.

An absolute shocker! A great ball forces Munro to get a leading edge into the leg side. It's spooned and Ahmed drops it cold. He looked clueless, wow. 

Single from Kane off the next. 

A calimity off errors from India, Munro flicks one into the leg side and Shankar spills it for four. 

Six more from Munro, down the ground - stand and deliver.

Single off the last from Munro. 

12th over: Yadav to bowl.

Four singles to start the over.

Kane WIlliamson is beaten, but he gets back and edges it for four. 

Absolute peach to finish the over! What a ball. 

11th over: K Pandya to bowl.

50 for Munro, he brings it up with a trademark Munro shot, big sweep for six over mid wicket! Huge. 

Williamson gets a single down the ground. 

10th over: Yadav to continue.

Very good spell of bowling here for India, damage limitation. 

Yadav is ripping it! It's turning a lot! 

Munro doesn't care, six more, overpitched and dispatched over mid wicket. 

9th over: K Pandya to bowl.

Single into the leg side for the captain, good cricket. 

Another single for WIlliamson. 

8th over: Yadav to bowl.

Yadav beats Munro, great ball! Munro agrees, the nod of approval.

Big LBW appeal, umpire says no, Luke also says no. 

WICKET! Some fantastic keeping from Dhoni, lightning quick to get rid of Seifert - great work to get rid of Seifert who was batting well. Seifert st Dhoni b Yadav 43. 

Williamson sweeps one around the corner for two. 

Single to finish the over for WIlliamson. 

7th over: H Pandya to continue.

Four runs from Munro! Wow that was well timed. Through the covers, pure timing. 

Great cricket from Munro, single after the boundary. 

What. A. Cricket. Shot. Six more from Seifert, its full and the keeper lofts a drive over mid offs head for the maximum. 

Single down the ground for Seifert. 

6th over: K Pandya to bowl. 

Single off the first from Seifert. 

Huge! In Munro's arc and he gets on one knee and hits it over mid wicket for six.

Great shot! Wide and Munro throws the kitchen sink at it, one bounce four. 

Well timed cut shot, it runs to the man at deep point. Single.

A full ball on leg stump is dispatched from Seifert, sweep shot goes the distance, great start here.

Two off the last, 20 off the over. 

5th over: H Pandya to bowl.

Two singles to start the over from these two, batting very well. 

Four runs for Munro! on his hips and he flicks it to the boundary, one bounce four. 

Another bat change, umpire says no sir, you need to wait until the end of the over.

Two runs on the next from Munro.

Over bowled! Eight off it. 

4th over: Ahmed to continue. 

Four runs, A big shot over the cover but Seifert got too far under it. Shankar flies in for the diving catch but can only parry it for four.

Classic Seifert on the next ball gets on one knee and paddle sweeps Ahmed for six.

Single for Seifert. 

Single from Munro, good cricket! Getting Seifert back on strike. 

Four runs to end the over! Great shot from Seifert, worked into the leg side and it runs all the way. 

3rd over: Kumar to continue.

Yorker from Kumar, great nut. 

Wide from Kumar. 

New bat for Munro, split the toe digging out a yorker.

Another full ball from Kumar, single down the ground for Munro. 

Amazing from Kumar, yorker after yorker.

Another full one from Kumar, single for Seifert. 

2nd over: Ahmed to bowl.

Seifert with another single down the ground. 

Munro mistimes a drive but will go for a single down the ground. 

Four runs from Seifert, a slower ball but Timmy times it over the covers for a boundary. 

Single for Seifert into the leg side. 

A fuller ball from Ahmed, single down the ground. 

1st over: Kumar to bowl.

Seifert works a ball into the leg side. 

Single down the ground for Seifert. 

Munro advances down the wicket and hits Kumar over long on for six. 

Munro works a shot into the leg side for a single. 

Single off the last, 11 off it. 


India have won the toss and will bowl first. 

One change for both sides.

Kuldeep comes in for Chahal for India and Tickner will come in for Ferguson. 

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the third T20 between the Blackcaps and India from Seddon Park in Hamilton. 

This is it! The series decider, can the Blackcaps find some form with the bat? Will we see over 200? Join us for the action at 8pm.

TAB odds:  NZ $2.31  India $1.62

Pre-match chat. 

Ish Sodhi shocked with Daryl Mitchell's controversial dismissal

Blackcaps spinner Ish Sodhi expressed his disappointment at the controversial dismissal of Daryl Mitchell during New Zealand's seven-wicket loss against India.

During the second T20 on Friday, all-rounder Mitchell was controversially dismissed after being given out leg before wicket (LBW).

He reviewed the decision and even though hot spot appeared to show the ball knocked the bat, a lack of spike on snicko was enough for third umpire Shaun Haig to give it out.

The decision left players and fans at Eden Park baffled, with Sky Sports commentator Simon Doull calling the decision "absolutely ridiculous".

Sodhi said his teammates were left frustrated by the game-changing decision.

"Shocking," he said. "We didn't really understand what was going on. Most people saw that there was a hotspot on his bat.

"We're pretty gutted about it. Gutted because it was just his second game, coming out and having something like that. I have never seen anything like that."

The decision left New Zealand on 43/3 and eventually they finished their 20 overs on 158/8, before India successful chased down the total with seven balls remaining to level the three-match series at 1-1.

There is plenty on the line in the final match in Hamilton as India is chasing their first T20 series win in New Zealand.

Sodhi said New Zealand "have to play better" if they want to win the match and the series.

"We just have to play better," he said.

"We were 20 runs below par, and when you are below par you need to take wickets at the top, and the power play becomes crucial.

"We didn't manage to get wickets, and they played a measured power play and set themselves up through the middle.

"In the last game we played a fantastic game of cricket, we got 220 on the board, and we ended up bowling them out as well, so that was a really complete performance.

"We can pick apart everything tonight, and approach the game on Sunday really differently, but I think if we keep going in with our consistent approach then performances like Wellington aren't too far away."

Following the final T20 match, New Zealand jumps straight into a three-match one-day international series against Bangladesh which starts on Wednesday at McLean Park in Napier.