Cricket World Cup 2019: Semi-final live updates - Blackcaps v India

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New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first.

Play has been called off for the day - the Blackcaps will resume their innings tonight from 9:30pm. 

RAIN DELAY: New Zealand 211/5 - 46.1 overs [Latham 3 / Taylor 67]

Update #12: Finally - We are done for the day - NZ will continue their innings at 211/5 from 9:30pm tonight.

Update #11: Still no decision - umpires lurking around the middle of the ground but the covers are still on.

Update #10: Rain has returned - I think we are done. Official decision at 5:10am.

Update #9: Umpires have decided to have another look at the ground at 5:10am when they will make their final decison on either coming back tomorrow to complete a 50 over game, or a hit and giggle T20 where India will be chasing 148 in 20 overs.

Update #8: Umpires out for an insepction as the rain has stopped two minutes before the cutoff time. Covers have come off - if we get no more rain, then India will have 20 overs to chase a reduced target somewhere near 150.

Update #7: Rain has picked up - I'd be very surprised if we got any more cricket given they have the reserve day to fall back on.

Update #6: Okay, so if the game doesn't restart by 5:35am NZT, we will come back tomorrow. For that to happen, the rain must stop by 4:30am.

Update #5: Sun is peaking through the grey clouds above, but it's still drizzling. 

Update #4: Just a slight drizzle now - we have officially lost overs now. Once the rain stops, it will be at least an hour before play gets underway.

Update #3: Nothing new to report - although the rain has eased a tad. We are approaching the time where we can lose overs - unless there is no more play today. If that is the case, NZ will continue their innings tomorrow. 

Update #2: Latest forecast has the rain hanging around until about 4am NZT. Then clear for a few hours before more rain hits in the evening. Play can extend until 7am NZT - there is a reserve day, but that won't come into any decision in regards to a reduced over game. The game will just continue into tomorrow.

Update: Rain is getting heavier - if New Zealand don't bat again, India's 46 over target will be 237.

47th over: Kumar to bowl his 9th.

Rain has hit and the umpires take the players off the field. We can lose 120 minutes before we drop overs. 

46th over: Bumrah back - the best death overs bowler in world cricket. 1/18 from 7.

Latham middles a pull shot straight to the deep square leg fielder on the bounce. Deserved four. 

Three for Taylor - he gets two overthrows from some shocking fielding.

Seven off the over - that's a good result for the Blackcaps.

45th over: Kumar is back - 0/23 from 7.

Taylor hit in front and Kumar goes up - umpire gives it out but Taylor reviews. Not Out! Hit outside the line. He was on the paddle and hit him full but just outside.

200 up for the Blackcaps - it's taken a while but the wicket does look sticky.

Wicket: de Grandhomme c Dhoni b Kumar 16: And there's the evidennce - slower bouncer, CDG looks to make the pace and guide over Dhoni but he gets a little edge and is on his way. NZ 200/5.

Five and a wicket from the over.

44th over: Chahal to bowl his last.

Six! Fifty for Taylor - over mid-wicket on the slog sweep. 50 from 73 balls 2x4 1x6.

Taylor swings through mid-wicket for four along the deck - great shot.

De Gradhomme cuts a wide one to the point boundary for four.

18 off the over. 

43rd over: Starting to drizzle at the ground - rain is forecast for about now. Pandya to bowl his last - 1/47 so far.

Short and de Grandhomme guides the ball over point for four - timely boundary.

They managed nine from that over - Pandya finishes with 1/55.

42nd over: Chahal is back - 1/39 from 8.

De Grandhomme down the ground - one bounce to the fielder.

Eight from the over. 

41st over: Pandya is back - 0/39 from 8.

A weird single from Neesham - he tries to play a pull shot and it goes off his glove into the off side for a single.

A short one into the leg side and Neesham pulls one away for a much needed four. 

Wicket: Neesham c Khartik b Pandya 12 (18) : On Neesham's legs and he leading edges it straight up and Karthik takes a great catch. NZ 162/4.

40th over: Bumrah is back - 1/14 from 6.

Four singles from the over.

39th over: Kumar continues.

Neesham goes down the ground - on bounce to wide mid-on for one.

Six runs from that over.

38th over: Pandya is back - 0/34 from 7.

Neesham very lucky - slower bouncer and Neesham plays a terrible half pull shot - top edges and it falls just wide of Sharma, who made a fairly awful effort to get there.

Just fove runs from that one. 72 balls to go - NZ need at least 100 more on a good wicket although it is a bit sticky. 

37th over: Kumar is back - 1/13 from 5.

Luck for Taylor - goes for a big swipe and top edges to deep point but the ball falls safey. He is 29 from 57 balls.

36th over: Chahal is back - 0/36 from 7.

Wicket: Williamson c Jadeja b Chahal 67 (94) - Big wicket - big moment. Williamson cuts but the ball bounces and turns and all he can do is scoop it to gully. NZ 134/3.

Three and a wicket from the over.

35th over: Jadeja to bowl his last.

Williamson goes over cover - it's safe, but he only gets three. Good work from Pant on the boundary.

Four for Williamson - slog sweep over mid-wicket. Great shot.

Stumping appeal on Williamson - not out in review.

Williamson almost bowled - gives himself some room and the ball bounces over middle.

Eight runs from the ovver. 

34th over: Bumrah continues.

Taylor has a run at last - 17 dot balls on the bounce.

Just three singles from the over - 20/0 from the last 5. 

33rd over: Jadeja back for his 9th - 1/25 so far.

Taylor hasn't scored for 13 balls.

And make that 13 - just a Williamson single from the over - Drinks.

32nd over: Bumrah is back - this is a a big couple of overs in the context of the game.

Dropped! Taylor edges to Dhoni, it's low and he spills it. Was a tough chance.  

Just a Williamson single from the over.

31st over: Pandya continues.

Short from Pandya and Williamson pulls - top edge but it's safely down to the boundary over Dhoni's head for four. 

Taylor top edge's a pull but it falls safely for a single.

Fifty run partnership for this pair from 73 balls. 

Seven from the over.

30th over: Chahal 0/28 from 6.

Fifty for Williamson from 79 balls with 4x4s.

Taylor with a forceful sweep shot gets a boundary to fine leg.

Eight from the over.

29th over: Pandya continues.

Williamson drives through the covers for a couple.

Six from the over.

28th over: Chahal continues - 0/18 from 5.

Williamson breaks the shackles - slog sweep for four through mid-wicket.

Taylor cuts - he edges past Sharma at slip and down to the boundary for four.

10 from the over.

27th over: Pandya is back - he went off the field earlier for treatment for a sore hip. He has 0/17 from 4 overs.

Williamson almost chops the ball on - gets a run.

Four singles from the over.

26th over: Chahal continues.

Taylor hit on the pad but the ball is slighly leg side - not out.

Taylor sets off for a run, Williamson responds and makes it home. Direct hit and he was done.

Just two runs from the over - 10 from the last 5. 

25th over: Jadeja to bowl his 8th.

Just a Ross Taylor single from the over.

24th over: Blackcaps 10/1 from the last 30 balls - Chahal continues.

Chahal beats Taylor outside off. 

Just three singles from the over.

23rd over: Jadeja has 1/22 from 6 overs - he continues.

Just a Ross Taylor single from the over.

22nd over: Chahal to bowl his 3rd - 0/11.

More turn for Chahal and he beats Williamson.

Four from the over - the ball is turning big time.

21st over: Jadeja to continue.

Just the one run from the over.

20th over: Chahal continues.

There is a fair bit of turn - Chahal beats Williamson outside off.

Three from the over.

19th over: Jadeja continues.

Wicket: Nicholls b Jadeja 28 (50) - Just when he was starting to look ar ease. Nicholls defends but the ball spins back, hits his elbow, then his pad  and clips crashes into middle. NZ 69/2.

Williamson beaten outside off - ball spun a mile and bounced.

One run and a wicket from that over.

18th over: Chahal is into the attack - has a great record against NZ.

Four wides to start - Nicholls down the wicket and misses but so does Dhoni and it's down to the fence.

Eight from the over.

17th over: Jadeja continues.

Williamson drives through the covers for three - good stop on the boundary by Kumar saves a run.

Four from the over.

16th over: Pandya continues.

Nicholls almost run out. Guides to gully but great stop from Jadeja who fires at the stumps but Nicholls is home safely returning to his crease. 

Just two wides from the over. Pandya looks injured and is heading off the groud for treatment.

15th over: Jadeja has 0/13 from 2 overs. 

Three singles from the over.

14th over: Pandya to continue.

Well run two for Nicholls to wide third man.

Williamson cuts for four - Chahal with the miss-field on the boundary. Eight from the over.

Fifty partnership and drinks.

13th over: Jadeja continues.

Nicholls paddles around the corner for a couple.

Six from the over.

12th over: Pandya to bowl his second.

Williamson plays and misses at a short one.

Short and Williamson rocks back and slams Pandya through mid-wicket for four.

Just the Williamson four from the over.

11th over: Ravi Jadeja replaces Kumar who has 0/13 from 5.

Nicholls is playing back and the ball crashes into his pad - not out says the umpire. India have no reviews left. Was umpires call.

Four for Nicholls - sweeps hard down to fine-leg.

Seven from the over.

10th over: Pandya replaces Bumrah who has 1/10 from 4. 

Williamson gets two to fine-leg. Slightly risky second but he is home safely. 

Four from the over - 27/1 from the 1st Powerplay.

9th over: Kumar to bowl his 5th - 0/8 so far.

Four for Williamson down the ground. Just a push, but right off the middle past the bowler.

Williamson hit and run to mid-off and is home safely. Five from the over.

8th over: Bumrah to continue.

Nicholls hooks - not well and gets a top edge but the ball falls safely and he will get a run.

Williamson gets a single to third man.

Nicholls clips through mid-wicket for a couple.

Bumrah around the wicket and Nicholls almost get the edge - short, quick and the ball moves off the seam. 

Over-pitched and Nicholls on the drive and gets four - superb shot.

7th over: Kumar to continue - 0/6 from 3 overs.

Williamson punches through the offside field - can't time it though and gets two runs.

Just the two from the over - NZ going at 1.46 RPO.

6th over: Bumrah has 1/1 from 2 overs.

Just a Williamson single for the over.

5th over: Kumar to continue.

One for Williamson to fine leg.

Drop and run from Nicholls - great running.

Five runs from the over. 

4th over: Bumrah to bowl his second.

There has literally been nothing to hit so far - Bumrah bowling just short of a length hitting the splice.

Wicket: Guptill c Kohli b Bumrah 1 (14) - Great line and length again - bounces more than Guptill thought and it flies to Kohli at second slip and he takes a very sharp catch above his eyes. NZ 1/1.

Williamson beaten first ball to a quick rising ball outside off - no touch though.

Williamson is away with a guide to gully - one run and a wicket from that one.

3rd over: Kumar to continue.

Guptill straight drives - good shot but straight at Kumar and he deflects it to a fielder - no run fron 16 balls.

Guptill has a run! Short and he flicks off his leg for one. 

Just the Guptill single from the over.

2nd over: Jusprit Bumrah to open up - he's scary good.

Nicholls lets the first one go.

The wicket is very quick - great carry through to Dhoni - ball is swinging.

Nicholls looking very nervous - sets off for a dicy single but sent back by Guptill - no damage done.

No runs off the first two over - bowlers on the money.

1st over: Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the bowling - Guptill to face.

Guptill is hit in the pad first ball - not out says umpire Illingworth. Kohli goes upstairs.

Ball is missing the stumps - India lose a review.

Guptill plays and misses at a swinging wide ball outside off. Movement is there.

Maiden to start from Kumar - On the money!

9:25pm - Anthem time at Old Trafford.

9:18pm - Some stats for you. NZ have played two semi-finals at Old Trafford and lost both in 1975 and 1999.

India haven't won a semi-final chasing since 1983 against England at Old Trafford.

9:13pm - Play will get underway at 9:30pm.

9:07pm - What the skipper said
Williamson: "It looks a good surface and we've played a few games here. Naturally when the round-robin finishes, you start again." 

Kohli: "Looks a fresh wicket - nice and hard. It will remain similar."

9:06pm - Overhead conditions suggest we might get some swing that is why Kumar has kept Shami out of the Indian 11. 

9:05pm - Indian team is: Rohit, KL Rahul, Kohli, Pant, Dohni, Karthik, Pandya, Jadeja, Kumar, Chahal and Bumrah.

9:04pm - Kane Williamson has won the toss and NZ will bat first: Guptill, Nicholls, Williamson, Taylor, Latham, Neesham, de Grandhomme, Santner, Henry, Ferguson and Boult.

9:02pm - Players and umpires heading out for the all important toss - grey skies above.

8:52pm - Reports from the ground suggest India will opt for the same team that spanked Sri Lanka - means Kumar wins the second seamer spot over Shami. Both Kuldeep and Chaval will play according to reports.

8:43pm - Sounds like the only change for the Blackcaps will be Lockie Ferguson in for Tim Southee.

8:40pm - Toss is scheduled for 9pm.

8:37pm - Hello all, Brad here. Conditions are on the improve in Manchester - officials hopeful of a start on time. Players from both side's are warming up.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Cricket World Cup semi-final between top qualifiers India and the Blackcaps at Edgbaston.

Last time these two sides met, they didn't get to take the field, as their group encounter was rained out at Trent Bridge. The time before that, New Zealand actually beat their highly rated rivals in a warm-up match before the tournament.

But India had the Blackcaps' measure, when they visited New Zealand last summer and have dominated this event, losing only to hosts England in pool play.

They have established themselves as the team to beat, with opening batsman Rohit Sharma compiling five centuries, emerging as the top runscorer and trailing only NZ skipper Kane Williamson in averages.

Sharma's form has reduced captain Virat Kohli to a support role, perhaps the best indication of how much gas India still has left in the tank.

The New Zealand performance has been inconsistent - they accounted for the easybeats early, but have really fallen away against the tougher teams as the tournament wore on.

They have now lost three in a row and will need to put together a complete performance to push India. Williamson has been outstanding with the bat, while the bowlers have done their job - Lockie Ferguson and Trent Boult, in particular.

But there are concerns throughout the batting order, with Martin Guptill and whoever opens with him unable to establish a foundation, and others struggling for form further down.

Rain is threatening in Manchester, and there's a very good chance that this match will be shortened or postponed until Wednesday.

Join us at 9pm NZT for the toss and and - hopefully - a start to play.

Pre-match: What happens if NZ v India semis is washed out?


Rain could play a significant role in the Blackcaps' Cricket World Cup semi-final against India in Manchester on Tuesday.

Roughly 12 hours out from the match, the local Met Service is predicting showers - some heavy - in the early hours of Tuesday morning, but they're expected to clear before the game, which begins at 10.30am local time (9.30pm NZT).

But there is a 50 percent chance of rain between 11am-1pm, increasing to 60 percent at 3pm.

Four matches were washed out by rain during the round-robin stage, including the Blackcaps' match against India in Nottingham.

But for the semi-finals, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has implemented a reserve day.

According to the ICC's website, if rain persists for the entire day and the game is washed out, the match will then be played the following day (Wednesday), known as the reserve day.

"Where possible, the matches will be held on their originally planned day and in the event of poor weather, there are a range of steps taken to be able to finish the match that day," reads the ICC's guide to World Cup semi-finals.

"For example, reducing the number of overs down to a minimum of 20 overs per team needed to achieve a result.

"If there is still no result on the scheduled match day, play will continue on the reserve day, using the same start time and hours of play as the scheduled match day.

The weather outlook for Manchester on Tuesday. Photo credit: Manchester Met Service

"The reserve day will be a continuation, not a restart, assuming play commenced on the original match day, meaning the score from the original match day will be carried through to the reserve day."

"If no play was possible on the original planned match day, a full 50-over per team match will commence on the reserve day, weather permitting.

"A tied match will use a super over to determine the winner."

The weather is expected to clear on Wednesday, but if no play can be completed across both days, India would advance to the final, as the higher-ranked team through the round-robin stages of the tournament.

With patches of rain forecast, a match is expected to be complete on Tuesday, but it may be shorted, with the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method playing its part.